Alizah (1D & 5SOS AU)

Alizah is a sweet and innocent girl who is moving in with her brother, Zayn. From Bradford to South London, is it a change or the same? Love. Death. Heartbreak.


1. 1.

"Have you packed everything?" My mother asked me worriedly, "Yes mum, now I have to go or I'll miss the train" I chuckled lowly to myself at her fear of me leaving. I'm only going for the summer which is 7 weeks then I come back for school, unfortunately. "Are you sure?" This is the 50th time she's asked me this. "Yes, I need to go" I replied, smiling and kissing her cheek. "I'll miss you big sis" Waliyha hugged me tight, "I'll miss you to but I need to go" I repeated. "Text me when you get there and I mean it" Mum told me sternly, yeah I'm bad at that. "Okay, get Zayn to remind me because I have the memory of a fish" I explained, grabbing my carry on and suitcase. I dragged my suitcase through the front door with my carry on hung from my shoulders against my back. "Bye" I called as I held my train ticket in my hand tightly. 

(If the link works, this is what she is wearing: if you really want to see it then copy and paste it) 


*    *    *    *


I got off the train, dragging my suitcase behind me as my phone rang in my hand. Zayn. I answered the phone hesitantly, "Hello?" I heard him breathing through the phone. "Hey Ali, we're here but meet us at the entrance like now, go to the third door from the left and look right" Zayn instructed. I haven't seen him since I was 11, he was 16. I'm now 14 and he is 19. I did what Zayn said, seeing a mature more looking Zayn, I ran over to him with my stuff and hugged him tightly. "I've missed you so much" I mumbled into his chest, "I've missed you too and oh my haven't you grown" He twirled me around making me giggle. A black car horn beeped. 


Harry's P.O.V


I saw a girl come through the door's of the train station and ran up to Zayn, hugging him. "Louis we got her" I whispered, he moved into the passengers seat next to me. "Oh my god, no way is she Zayn Malik's sister" He muttered, "Yeah no freaking way!" I practically shouted, "Shhh, beep the horn already" Louis scolded, I beeped the horn which made the girl jump. Zayn took her suitcase, going to the back of the car. "Mum was totally like super worried because of Dad and that plus school work and crap. But I have one thing" The girl rambled, "And what is that Alizah?" Aha! Her name's Alizah. "She's hot" Louis leaned over and whispered in my ear making me stifle a laugh. "Will your friends like me? I mean come on. I had to go along with Dad's promise and be a "princess" like he wanted me to be. I didn't want it but I did it for him and I'm afraid your friends will think I'm a uh... prude?" She explained, no fucking way man. "Come on Zayny boy hurry up!" Louis yelled, beeping the horn for me. Zayn closed the trunk and opened the door for both him and Alizah to get in the back seats. Zayn's sister got in first behind Louis then Zayn, I sighed. "This is Harry and Louis" Zayn introduced us, I smiled at her through the mirror which she returned. I started driving along the road back home. "Alizah Malik" She told us, we nodded. "HARRY QUICK THERE'S A PHEASANT!" Louis screamed, "WHERE?!" I yelled in fright, swerving. "You fucking dickhead" I cursed, returning my driving to normal. Alizah giggled at our behavior. 




We had been on the road for 10 minutes before Harry pulled up outside a small house just like bad home. We got out of the car, my ringtone going off. The boys chuckled as it was 'Playing With Fire' I just answered as it was Mum. "Hello?" I was a bit quick. "Hi darlin', I was just wondering if you were with Zayn yet?" Mum asked, "Yes I am, can I at least settle down first?" I pleaded, Zayn smirked at me as he got my suitcase from the trunk. "Hurry up man, the game's on in a minute!" An Irish voice yelled. "THE GAME CAN SUCK ASS MAN ZAYN'S SISTER'S HERE!" Louis screeched as he entered the house. "Are they nice?" Mum asked softly, "Very, i love you Mum but bye" I hung up and put my phone into my back pocket. "They'll like you, trust me" Harry smiled as he locked the car. I didn't realize Zayn had gone in with all my stuff. I walked into the house, seeing multiple people. "Meet my sister Alizah everyone" Zayn introduced me, I nodded and smiled. "No need to be shy, we are amazing!" A girl with wavy long blonde hair screamed, I flinched. "Oh my god I'm sorry. Um I'm Amy. I iz Hazza's lil sis but I'm the better Styles" She continued, "Also a fucking chatterbox" Harry complained, slapping her round the head. "This is Liam, Niall, Perrie which is my girlfriend and Louis' girlfriend Eleanor" Zayn pointed out, "Zayn has told us a lot about you" Perrie smiled at me. "All good things I hope, haven't seen him in 3 years" I shrugged, "Why?" Niall asked, "Just because" I refuse to tell them about my father. "Because..." Louis' voice trailed off. "Excuse me but I found your noses in my business, if I refuse to talk about my Dad then just don't mention it okay?" I blurted out, "Guys please" Zayn pleaded. "I'll settle her in Zayn, I can look after her" Amy stood up and came over to me, grabbing my suitcase and putting an arm around my shoulder. She lead me upstairs and into a room with 2 bunk beds. "I share a room with Liam and Niall, Louis and Eleanor share with Zayn and Perrie. You'll be sharing with my brother, do you trust him?" Amy asked as she set my suitcase on my bed. Do I? I guess I do. I nodded, she giggled. "Tell me about yourself" Amy insisted, "Ames, leave her alone and get out" Harry barged in making me stifle a laugh. "Fine but dinner is a 6 and always is" Amy rolled her eyes at her older brother's behavior. "Okay, bye" I mumbled, she smiled. "Asshole" She said to Harry as she left. "Welcome home" Harry said as he winked at me.


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