The Island Adventure

read it you'll like it :)


5. Through the Ocean


Frantically the boys started swimming to the surface. When they reached the top their boat was overturned.  “Help me flip this over.” Kenny told Lenny. “Fine, but can we hurry I’m getting nervous about what else is in the water!” Lenny said.

“Arrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhh!” yelled Lenny. “we've been out here for two hours!” “Calm down. We just need to find like a piece of wood or somethi-.” Kenny’s words were interrupted by a very large ripple in the water. “What- what was that?!” Lenny said terrified. There was a bigger ripple on the other side. Then another and another. Then when the thing seemed to go away, Goliath jumped straight over the candy boat. “Whoa!” Lenny and Kenny said as they saw the 100 foot creature jump over them. When the tail finally came it landed, almost crushing the boys. The tiny boat went flying only about three miles high just as they thought something bad was going to happen to them, the giant reptile leaped out of the water and caught the boys on it’s back.

“Ahhhhhhhh!!!!” shrieked Lenny as they landed on the monsters back. Then they blacked out….

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