The Island Adventure

read it you'll like it :)


1. The Orange Beginning


    Once upon a time in the magical land of Orange island, a young boy walked through the forest. He was eating an orange because he lives in the magical land of Orange island on this island everything is orange because it is called Orange island.  

    Our story begins with this young boy named Kenny. Kenny was sitting on his orange porch wearing his orange clothes eating an orange, when all of a sudden his friend Lenny came up to him and sit down next to his orange colored dog named Penny. Lenny said “How are you doing bud?” “Good,” said Kenny ,“and you?”All of the sudden Penny started barking, and then ran away. “Penny, come back!” Kenny said. He and Lenny chased Penny all over the island finally they caught Penny. “Got you!” Lenny said. Then he saw that in front of Penny was a 50 foot tall magical carp.

    The carp was in the ocean so Kenny, Lenny, and Penny ran away from the carp but the giant fish jumped onto the island, grabbed them with his whiskers, put them on his back, and flew away. Then it brought them to an island made of food.



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