The Island Adventure

read it you'll like it :)


3. The Ocean Journey



Then our brave trio began their trip through the ocean. Kenny reached into the empty pumpkin shell filled with food and pulled out an apple and began to eat it. Suddenly, Lenny gasped,”Look!” There behind the boat was a wave following their boat, but it wasn't a wave, it was a massive squid!

The squid came straight at them at what seemed to be full speed. Just as they thought their little boat was going to be destroyed, the monster dived under and swam off. “It looks scared of something.” said Kenny.

“If that is scared of something I never want to meet it.” Just then a massive sea serpent came out of the water with the squid in it’s jaws. “Oh my-” Lenny’s words were cut off when the serpents enormous sail fin on it’s back almost took the raft down.

“Start paddling!” Kenny yelled at Lenny. Just as Lenny picked up the paddles a pair of goliath jaws came on either side of the boat. The garbage-truck sized teeth were coming closer and closer by the second. “Oh no...” Kenny whispered. SNAP and everything went black.




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