The Island Adventure

read it you'll like it :)


4. In the belly of Goliath

“Wha-where are we?” asked Kenny. “Kenny, I think that thing ate us!” Lenny screamed in shock. “So… how do we get out?”, said Kenny. “Well we could either climb back up,” Lenny said, pointing up at the throat about 500 feet up, “or we could wait to be digested! This little peppermint boat won’t be able to not be sizzled by stomach acid!”

Just then the monster seemed to lay on its belly. “Or we could just walk out.” Kenny teased. “I guess, but who knows how deep under water we are!” Lenny said with fear in his voice. “So how can we get it to go to the surface and barf us out?” Kenny asked. “Well…”Lenny was cut short by the massive mouth opening and swallowing an entire school of fish. The fish were falling by the hundreds. But as the fish came in so did gallons of water. A massive wave flung their boat from stomach into the mouth and out of the creature, under 100 feet of water.

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