The Island Adventure

read it you'll like it :)


2. Food Island

So our heroes Kenny, Lenny, and Penny found themselves on the small island in the middle of a dirt pathway not knowing where they were or what they were doing there. It was the middle of day so they started to explore, they saw that the island was completely made of food. Then they saw a sign that said Welcome To Food Island.

“Well, at least we know where we are, right?” said Lenny. Penny darted off by a pumpkin patch. Kenny said “at least we know there is food on this island.” he picked the pumpkin up “And look it makes storage.” he searches the ground and finds an apple, then he puts it in “Lets gather some apples for food if we get hungry” Lenny says and sits down

“We should build a raft and get off this island and go home” said Kenny. “Good idea Kenny,” said Lenny. They started by sharpening a piece of peppermint candy and cutting down a tree made of more peppermint. “ You know we could have just ate through it.” Lenny explained. “Who knows what this could be from, or if it’s poisonous.” Kenny told Lenny.

They worked for hours and by sunset their raft was ready to sail. “How are we going to know which direction is home?” mumbled Lenny as they carried the raft to the ocean, he continued “and we also have no idea how far or how long we are away from home.” Kenny replied “It’s almost dark enough  to see the stars, we will follow Polaris North and hopefully we will get home, it can’t be too far.” So Kenny and Kenny placed the boat in the ocean and pushed off shore to find their way back home

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