My Haggie.

Jane and Joel live together by a river.
Joel has 'moods'.
And Jane has Haggie.


17. 17.


I got a call from Angie at 9pm. She said she needed me back urgently, and that she had to leave.

David drove me home straight away and came with me inside to make sure everything was okay. He said he could help if Joel was in one of his moods.

When we got in Angie was gone and Joel was at the kitchen table eating baked beans. As soon as I opened the door he sprung up and hugged me. I asked him what happened and he said Angie had had a call about her daughter and had to leave. I didn’t like to pry.

David suggested we have a picnic in the garden after everyone was calm again, and Joel even offered to make it for us.

We must’ve drunk a little too much. I woke up on the sofa half dressed with a note from David saying he’d had a great time. I can’t remember the night.

He didn’t leave a number.


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