It started with a letter

'Do you remember what he said, I do he told you he never ever hurt you, oh here we go again , another break up, make up. When you gonna wake up?...'
" that's four yes' your through to the judges houses"
Those words raced through my head as we were the last group in the show. In less than 30mins we would know if we had won. I heard a Irish accent whisper in my ear. " go on, you'll all do great"...


2. the big day

Lily's POV :

Hi I'm Lily Tomlinson I'm in a band with my four BFFs. In our there is Frances Styles, Ellie Payne, Robyn Malik and Jasmine Horan. I know what your thinking, we must be related to the one direction lads but truth be told we aren't we have nothing to do with them. Unlike them we all live in reading, we all go to the same school and none of us have boyfriends (not like we need them). Us lot have been the best of friends since year 7.

And as I mentioned earlier we have a band ( yes that's the same) our band us called THE FROZEN ROSES. We all play an instrument, Ellie plays the piano, Frances plays bass, Jasmine plays Electric guitar, Robyn plays the drums and finally me I play the acoustic guitar. Are songs are all covers and we all are on the 4th/5th round in the x-fact our .Our next audition is tomorrow at 2:00pm, this will put us through to the judges houses ,we are all so nervous

Robyn's POV:

I woke up to the smell of bacon, having a guess Jasmine was cooking a good luck breakfast for our big day. Suddenly Lily bust through the do screaming " GET UP CARROT HEAD " I flinched back quickly due to how much noise she was making. "shut up bone head" I said in my morning voice. Then lily said " if you get up now you can help me, Jasmine and Ellie get Styles up" as the words 'get Styles up' came out of her mouth I jumped out of bead ran down stairs ate my bacon and the ran back up into my bed room got changed into my jeans and green tee. I walked back out of the room to find Lily, Ellie and Jasmine waiting for me so we could go and wake up Frances (AKA Styles) up. We all grouped together and after about nearly half an hour of shouting and screaming at her she finally woke up and got changed. Everyone went downstairs after that.

Frances' POV:

I had been woken up to shouts and screams of my band mates, they kept repeating the words ' get up, get up sleepy head got a big day ' they had been shouting for what felt like an hour when it suddenly all stopped. I was confused so I decided to open my eyes. And what I saw made me scared, there by the door was lily and Robyn holding a big bucket that was most likely filled with water and there standing by my bed was Ellie and Jasmine laugh their heads off. I decided just to lay there and do nothing, so I closed my eyes a prepared myself for what was coming next.

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