It started with a letter

'Do you remember what he said, I do he told you he never ever hurt you, oh here we go again , another break up, make up. When you gonna wake up?...'
" that's four yes' your through to the judges houses"
Those words raced through my head as we were the last group in the show. In less than 30mins we would know if we had won. I heard a Irish accent whisper in my ear. " go on, you'll all do great"...


1. introducing us

Name: Lily Tomlinson Age: 16 Looks: medium long brown strait hair, green/blue eyes. Height: 5'2 Siblings: 2 older brothers

Name: Frances Styles Age: 16Looks: long brown with blonde ends wavy hair, dark green eyes. Height: 5'5 Siblings: two younger siblings my sis and my bro

Name: Robyn Malik Age: 15 Looks: long wavy mousy brown hair, blue eyes. Height: 5'3 Siblings: a younger sister

Name: Eleanor Payne (also know to her friends as Ellie)Age: 16 Looks: short blonde/brown (nice) puffy hair, blue eyes. Height: 5'3 Siblings: none

Name: Jasmine Horan Age:15 Looks: medium strait brown hair, brown eyes. Height: 5'2 Siblings: a younger sister

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