Corralee Anderson was on her way to london to see her distant family when her plane wrecked. She landed on a large island by the bermuda. But no- one ever lands on that island...because of the creatures that lurk there.


2. Survivor

I could see the fear spread across her face. "it was nice meeting you." laura whispered. 

Then we hit the water.

It was an explosion. An explosion of waves, plain parts and passengers hitting the ocean with an extreme force. my body ached from the fall and the waves that slapped against me when i landed. My eyes were burning and i was choking on the salty water. I struggled against the currents threatening to pull me under to my death. I looked up at the sky fog, and black clouds covering it. I was pretty sure the bermuda always looked like this. 

"HELP, HELP ME!!!" i screamed knowing there was no one there. I saw a nearby piece of plane floating on the water. I swam with the little strength i had left to it and climbed over it. it was small but kept me afloat. I looked around scattered across the water were sadly a few bodies large and small peices of plane, and luggage. The fog made it hard to see. I laid across the peice of plane i was on, That's when i took in everything that had just happened. And i fainted.


i Felt warmth across me. I opened my eyes and looked around. I was laying on sand and was caked in salt dried by the sun that shone through the clouds. i looked around the beach of the island. It was scattered with an assortment of the wreckage. I stood up and brushed the sand of me. The clouds had covered the sun up again and i was left in shadow. I walked round looking for any thing spared. "Is anybody there?" i yelled knowing there was no one. It was more an act of comfort than anything. I found a plastic water bottle under a peice of plane. I could use it when  i found a freash sorce of water. I also found a small shoulder strap bag. IT was wet but i could let it dry. All the clothes washed up on the shore were ruined. Besides that there was nothing else of use. I looked around at the desserted island. do people come around the bermuda triangle's islands? i thought. If not i was stranded but i was a survivor.

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