Corralee Anderson was on her way to london to see her distant family when her plane wrecked. She landed on a large island by the bermuda. But no- one ever lands on that island...because of the creatures that lurk there.


1. Crashed

I looked out the small plane's window at the ocean so far below me. Beautiful, blue. Sea lions and otters playing in the gentle waves. The only loud noise disrupting the quiet sounds of the waves overlapping and washing over one another was the Boeing 767 i and 100 others was boarded on. My name is Coralee Anderson and i am on my way to London To see my aunt, Uncle and 3 cousins. I think how nice this flight is, no annoying or rude people shoving past you on the streets of New York. Just relaxing, ocean viewed flight. "excuse me?", my thoughts are instantly interrupted. "yah?" i look into the woman's face. She has light blue eyes and dark brown wavy hair that falls just past her shoulders. " My seat was taken when i got back from the bathroom and i was just wondering if i could sit here?"she asked. "oh yah here." i scooted over a seat so she could sit down."i'm laura renolds." she extended her hand to me. "coralee anderson" i say gently shaking her hand back. We became good friends over the next 2 hours on the plane and my stomache hurt and my eyes watered from laughing. "where are you headed to?" i finally asked my curiosity getting the best of me. "Paris" she finally spoke. "why" i said quickly. "to see my mother." she said. a sad expression came upon her face. "why so sad" i say. "my mother hasn't seen me in 11 years and im afraid what she will say when she sees me." laura spoke quietly. "im sure you'll be..... the plane lurched forward i grasped my chair with my hands tightly as i could. A man's voice came over the loud speaker. "We are having some technical difficulties. prepare for landing. Tighten seatbelts it may not be a smooth ride. the plane lurched forward again. i felt nausea and my head pounded. "whats going on?!" yelled Laura over the sound of the plane. then i smelled smoke. I peered out the window up tword the front of the plane. One of the wings had caught fire and was burning quickly. the plane lurched 3 more times. then started it's decline downword. It fell fast twords the ocean water. the loudspeaker came on again." we are in for a crash landing. we around the  bermuda and  there may be islands near by." the mans voice dropped to a low whisper."if any of us make it." "LAURA!!!" i screamed. tears were in laura's eyes. i could see her fear  spread across her face. "it was nice meeting you." she whispered. That's when we hit the water.

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