Spying on 1D - One Direction oneshot

She had now been spying on him for one whole year. Daisy was her name. She had been following his every step, and she wasn’t planning on telling anyone.


1. Spying

She had now been spying on him for one whole year.

Daisy was her name.

She had been following his every step, and she wasn’t planning on telling anyone.


It was just a normal day of stalking. He was planning on using a fake name for the hotel, but of course she had found out.

She walked up to the desk. “Hello. I have a meeting with mister Summer.” It was pretty obvious that Niall went by the name Summer, because everyone knew that he adored 5 seconds of summer, just not everyone thought that he would use a cover name like that. “Okay, he’ll be in room 754 on the 2nd floor.”

She was walking to the elevator, when a handsome guy came next to her. He had big glasses and gelled hair. “H-hello… I’m Marcel.” He took his hand out and wanted her to shake it. She shook it and said: “I’m Daisy.” “I heard that you were here to talk to “Mr. Summer”, is that correct?” He had a big goofy smile glued on to his face. “That is very correct sir.” She said in a posh voice. They both laughed.

“I saw you at the last hotel, are you spying too?” He asked her. She nodded. “What if we spy together, we’ll get so much more information!” She said a little too loud. A random visitor turned around, with a freaked out expression. They both turned around and started talking about a new movie about this cool spy. As soon as the visitor turned around again, they both let out a breath, they didn’t even know that they were holding.

As they sneaked by a security guard, Marcel started giggling. Daisy gave him a death stare, and he gulped and kept silent.

“There he is!” Marcel whisper shouted, as he pointed at a blonde guy. Marcel was just about to run up to him, but Daisy stopped him. She pointed to his door, which he had left a bit open. “If we go in there and get photos, maybe even a thing of his, we’ll get really famous on the internet, not only on our blogs.” Marcels eyes went big, and he started pulled her towards the door.

They both went inside, and both of them thought that it was a good idea, until the door closed. Bang. They both looked at each other, and then at the door. At the door was five good looking lads. Marcel was so nervous that he fainted, so it was just Daisy standing there. “Well… Hello? I think I went in the wrong room. Sorry.” She tried to hurry out, but they stopped her. “Who are you?! You’re always there, and you’re always following us around, how do you even know where we’re staying at?!” She looked around for inspiration. “Well… We all have hobbies and yours are singing and performing. Mine is a bit different, I blog.”

 They all looked like they were about to laugh. “Haha, we know. We read your blog every day, but you always seem to disappear right before we get to introduce ourselves and the same goes for him. Do you know him?” She started laughing too. “Haha, well I kind of do, we met today, and I think that we’re already building up a great friendship.” “You should call us, when you’re at the same place as us. Then we could go out for dinner or something, maybe he would like to join?” Niall asked. “We would love to.”

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