Johnny's Life

It's so good its BAD


2. The Colored Lights

Johnny dragged him back to the house. He laid him on a chair and tried wake him up, but couldn't. He grabbed the house phone and dialed 911. He explained what happened, and waited for the paramedics to arrive. While he was waiting he felt to see if Albert still had a pulse…..but there wasn’t. “Albert, wake up!” Johnny screamed. He heard an ambulance outside. He saw 4 men coming in with a stretcher. They busted through the door and shoved Johnny out of the way.

“Get back!” a paramedic yelled.

Johnny did not like being yelled at, especially at a time like this. His “father” yelled at him all the time. Johnny burst into tears and ran into the back hallway.When they put him on the stretcher, they went to the ambulance, and Johnny came out of the hall and ran after them.

    “I wanna go with him.” Johnny told them.

    “Family members only.” one paramedic said and shut the ambulance doors.

Johnny stood there and watched the ambulance drive off.

It was now 8:15. Johnny was walking home and thought about what happened and what was going to happen to Albert. He got home around 8:30, and got into a fight with his "father" for being late. He lost the fight, and was now using a damp rag to wipe blood off of his forehead. Johnny was getting tired of being abused day after day.

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