Johnny's Life

It's so good its BAD


3. New Friends

The next few days were rough without Albert. Johnny spent those days at the farm. Every time Johnny was there, he wonders what those lights were. He usually just wandered around town with his friends; Bill, Hank, and Dale.

They would hang out and keep the farm up and running for most of the day. Johnny, Bill and Dale would bale hay, and Hank would borrow Dale’s leaf blower to clear the lawn, but later in the day, Johnny saw the lights in the woods again, but this time they were yellow.

"Hey, guys. Look over there!" Johnny yelled. Everyone looked, except Hank, who couldn't hear him over the sound of the leaf blower. "Me and Albert walked over there last night, but we couldn't see what was making the lights, because when we got close we got really bad headaches. I wonder why." No-one believed him. "Let's go!" Dale said excitedly. "But what about the headaches?" Johnny said nervously. "I highly doubt that's true. You’re just messing with us" Bill said. "Now let's go!"

The three started wandering across the field. They got closer, and closer to the lights until finally, Bill collapsed. He laid on the ground and didn't move. "Bill! What's wrong?" But there wasn’t an answer. After a few silent seconds went by, Bill started moving and flopping around uncontrollably. Johnny and Dale dragged Bill away from the lights, but he wouldn't stop

flopping around.

Hank was finally done using the leaf blower and couldn't find anybody. He searched and searched until he found some figures in the field. He made out the fuzzy images and realized Bill was flopping on the ground. "Uh-Oh." He said to himself and ran inside the house to call 911. By then, Johnny ran to the house and Dale stayed with Bill.

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