New World

Annabeth Terri is a gifted child. She thinks that she is normal with all the others. But is she really?

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10. Chapter 9

January 10th, 2040 (getting ready for the dance)

Kristy stepped into my spare dressing room to get ready, while I went into my own.  I looked at my purple dress hanging up in the corner and sighed.  I couldn't wear so something so vibrant and happy when Rachel was gone. Forever.  I hunted in my closet and finally found a cool gray dress and back flats.  I quickly pulled it on and did my hair in a side braid.  I stepped out and told Kristy I was ready.  She came out of the dressing room in her gorgeous sky blue dress and gave me a puzzled look.    "I can't dress up so vibrant, when she is gone!"  "Come on, you worked so hard on it, she would have wanted you to.  It gives you sort of an inner glow, it is like it is made for you." Kristy said.  I gaped at her and said, "That's exactly what she had told me!"  "See?  Let me help you get ready."  I smiled and changed into my purple flowy dress.  "Sit down, close your eyes, I make the magic work!" Kristy said smiling.  I felt mascara, eyeliner, blush, lip gloss, eye shadow, and much more!  Suddenly she said, "What's in here?"  She was holding up a little box decorated with little flowers.  "Oh that's my necklaces and hair clip that Rachel gave me." I said with a sad smile.  I remembered the moment.  I was 6 years old.  Rachel was 8.  She had given me the necklace and told me we had the same one.  She said it would bound us forever.  Then, she had hugged me and said that she would have to leave one day.  She was very honest with me.  "Wow!" Kristy said.  "Are you going to wear it?"  I nodded.  I quietly slipped the rainbow butterfly chain around my neck.  I then wore the matching earrings and matching hair clip with a flower and a rainbow butterfly on it.  "Wait, I forgot something." I cried.  I quickly dug in the box to find the other charms that defined me.  It was pointe shoes, a book and a flower.  The book and butterfly opened up to find the words BFF.  "Look at yourself, your dress...!" Kristy suddenly gasped.  I turned to look in the mirror.  I looked beautiful.  My dress flowed around me, my curls settled on my shoulders.  Suddenly my eyes fell on a splash of color on my dress.  My purple sash had turned rainbow with two butterflies on it.  "What?" "I didn't do that!" I said puzzled.  Kristy frowned, "If you didn't, who did?"............

-Ana Terri

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