New World

Annabeth Terri is a gifted child. She thinks that she is normal with all the others. But is she really?

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9. Chapter 8

January 10th, 2040 (evening of the dance) 

I was sitting in my room chilling and listening to music.  Kristy had told me that she would come over to get ready for the dance in 3-4 hours.  I suddenly scrolled over to my Messages app on my phone and texted Rachel: Dance tonight, any tips?  Rachel is my best friend and sister.  She goes to the high school here and I can ask her anything.  She usually replies, but today she didn't.  I hope everything is okay, maybe she's just in class.  But I was wrong, so wrong.  About an hour later I got a call from an unknown number.  I picked it up and this is how our conversation went: "Hi, who is this?  "The police."  "Am I in trouble?"  "No. Are you Annabeth Terri, sister of Rachel Terri?"  "Yes, what happened?"  "Well... she left the schools premises and is found missing.  We searched everywhere and can't find her.  Sorry Annabeth, we know how hard it is losing your parents and sister.  Sorry, bye."  Then they hung up.  I was silent for a whole 5 minutes.  Then, I started crying hard.  My sister, my only best friend gone.  Forever.  My life felt like it was spiraling  down.  Down.  Down. Down.  Suddenly, Kristy barged in saying, "Come on Anna, we have 3 hours, we going to be late, come on...."   And then she stopped.  "Anna what happened?" she said looking at me.  I told her everything and at the end, she hugged me and said, "I think you should still go to the dance, she would have wanted you to go, for her do it for her...."   I nodded and we went to go get ready.  Kristy sounded just like Rachel.  I would do this for her and be happy just for her.  

~Annabeth Terri

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