New World

Annabeth Terri is a gifted child. She thinks that she is normal with all the others. But is she really?

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6. Chapter 6


January 10th, 2040

I wake up to Kristy yelling HAPPY BIRTHDAY in my ear.  I laugh, grinning.  "Here's your present Beth!" she said smiling.  I opened it up to find several hair accessories and make up supplies.  "It's for the dance," she said shyly.  "I LOVE IT!" I said pulling her into a hug.  Suddenly, I glanced at the time.  It was 9:00 and we were still in our pajamas.  Kristy saw my glance and grinned.  "Today's the day of the dance, we don't have classes!" said Kristy.  "So, I have a surprise, go get dressed."  "Kristy...." I said.  "GO!!" she said.  I sighed making my way to my walk in closet to pick out some clothes.  I quickly pulled on my skinny jeans and the new lilac top that Kristy picked out.  I put my long brown curls into a side braid and walked out.  As soon I got out,  Kristy pulled me out of the room and down the corridor.  We stopped right outside the sewing classroom.  Without saying anything, Kristy put her hand out to stop me.  She went into the classroom and came out with the sewing teacher.  I overheard their conversation.  It went like this: "Totally, you are allowed to, many students have actually.  "Thanks!" I heard Kristy say.  She took my hand again and pulled me along the hallways again.  "KRISTY!" I yelled. "Where are we going?"   "It's a surprise, but believe me, you will love it!" she replied with a grin.  Finally when we were just about there, Kristy covered my eyes with a bandana.  5 seconds later, I opened my eyes to a tickling on my legs.  Puppies surrounded the room and they were all around Kristy and I.  "Do I get one?" I asked shyly.  "Of course, Ana!" she said grinning.  "The Academy said it was for free, since you go here."  I nodded, smiling and said, "I used to have one before the accident......"  "Oh sorry," said Kristy.  "No,no it's fine." I said. "Let's dog shop."  I walked over to a glass pad and typed in the dog breed Cavachon, the dog we used to have.  Kristy and I stepped on a moving walkway and soon arrived at the Cavachons.  A girl in her teen years, she probably went to the high school here, smiled at us and said,"Hey! I'm Amanda.  I work here."

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