New World

Annabeth Terri is a gifted child. She thinks that she is normal with all the others. But is she really?

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4. Chapter 4

January 6th, 2040  (still sad about losing Claire)

2 more days.  2 more days until the dance and my birthday.  I'm still in my room.  I skipped dinner.  Suddenly I hear a knock on my door.  I frown, and open the door hoping to see Claire, but instead I see another girl.  She has sandy brown hair which plaited down her back.  "Hey I'm Kristy, she said. "I'm sorry about what happened."  I sighed.  I guess the whole school knew about it.  As  if reading my thoughts, Kristy said, "I was there, that's how I know."  I nodded, smiling and waiting for her to leave, so I could be alone.  It turns that she had brought me dinner, so we sat on my bed and talked for nearly an hour.  It goes without saying that she became my new best friend.

-Anabeth Terri

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