New World

Annabeth Terri is a gifted child. She thinks that she is normal with all the others. But is she really?

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11. Chapter 10

January 10th, 2040 (the dance) 

We decided that the rainbow on my dress was put there by accident by me and I didn't realize it.  I still don't think that's true, but we have a dance to get to.  We quickly stopped by at the dog shelter to talk to Amanda.  She was sad for Rachel's death as well.  Then, she and Kristy told me that they would be my adopted sisters.  It was the best day of my life!  We walked to the dance which was in the pavilion.  It had vines and roses over the doorway.  I smiled, the theme was nature.  My favorite.  As we walked to the entrance, I saw my ex friend Claire and Ashley.  They looked over to us and Ashley smirked.  She said, "You actually decided to come.  We heard that your sister left us because she hated you.  We all knew that you know!"  I bit lip to stop it from trembling.  Suddenly, I heard Kristy whisper to me, "She loved you with all her heart.  There was a reason why she left, but it was not you.  Never!"  I smiled and said, "Thanks, sis!"  She grinned at that.  They smirked again and they both left to go find Greg and James.  Kristy suddenly blushed and said, "Mind if I leave you for Jimmy?"  I shook my head and motioned  for her to go.  I slowly walked into the beautiful pavilion and sat down on a pink rose petal chair.  Suddenly, a boy walked up to me.  He had brown hair and hazel eyes.  He looked familiar.  "You're Daniel," I said smiling.  "My sister told me about your brother, they used to be good friends."  Daniel nodded and said, "Sorry about your sister.  Oh, and by the way I was wondering, would you be my partner for the dance?"   I frowned, thinking.  He quickly said, "Sorry, I didn't ask before, I couldn't gather the courage.  "You're allowed to say no..."   "Daniel, I would love to be your partner at the dance and I can tell we will be great friends!"  We both smiled at each other and talked for a while.  Soon, Kristy and Jimmy came over.  It turns out, Jimmy is Daniel's good friend.  The four of us started talking and we became the best of friends.  Suddenly, I got up and said, "Give me 10 minutes, I need to go touch up my makeup."  "If you don't come back in 10 minutes, I'll think something bad happened!"   "Ok, protective older brother!"  I said, but smiled at him.  I walked to the door and pulled it open.  A bright sparkling golden walkway appeared pulling me with it.  I tried to run back, but I was stuck.  Then, I landed in a beautiful meadow.  I knew this was not the school garden or meadow.  Where am I ?

-Anabeth Terri

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