Behind Your Eyes [Zayn Malik]

You all know Zayn Malik, right? One fifth of One Direction, hot enough to be mistaken for a model? Yeah, everyone knows him, at least you THINK you know him. Back in high school, before the XFactor, he was the complete opposite of what he was now. For years he made my life hell. He drove me to the edge and scratched my name. Everywhere I went, his actions reflected upon me badly. So what did I do? I had to start again. New name, new look, new everything. Despite the fact that his face was everywhere I went, I managed to move on.

I guess that was until I won a day out with One Direction.

I'm Felicity Ranger, and this is the story of the Zayn Malik that I know.


2. Two.

"Welcome, all of you, to Tong High School. This is your first day here, so I'd like you all to go out into the playground and get to know each other. Come back in here in twenty minutes and we'll play some games to break the ice."

My first day at Secondary School. New faces, new books, new experiences. I made my way out to the playground, pushing my glasses up further onto my nose. There was a group of people standing by the wall, and I ran my tongue over my braces as I approached them.

"Hi, I'm Alex!" I said, grinning. The boy in the middle, Zayn, I think his name was, walked forward to me.

"Hey, nice glasses!" he smirked. The people around him began laughing whereas I thought he was serious.

"Thanks! My mum said that blue suits me. It's my favourite colour too!"

He turned to look at his friends and cocked an eyebrow.

"Hey, Nerd! Did your mum do your hair for you as well this morning?" someone in the group shouted. I felt for the two plaits in my hair, which my mum had indeed helped me with.

"Did she cut your sandwiches into triangles for you?" another person added.

The entire group was snorting with laughter and I stared at the ground, a blush filling my cheeks.

"I'll see ya round, Nerd." Zayn said, knocking my lunchbox out of my hand, spilling its contents onto the floor. The group walked away, talking and laughing as they went. As I picked up my food from the ground there was one question constantly playing on my mind:

What did I do?

Felicity's POV:

Days passed quickly. Between uni and my job, there was little time for me to have fun or go out. The only time I had really was at night, but everywhere I wanted to go would be shut and I don't like nightclubs, so that leaves me with staying in and ordering food. 

Saturday was still there, though, permanently etched into the back of my mind. Bored in class, I'd find my mind always returned to it, planning and constructing fantasies in my head. That's what I did; what I was good at. Writing, reading, imaginary things. I loved to be able to step away from reality into a perfect world where I could control what happens.

I've always wanted to be in control. That's why when I was younger, and was bullied, I ended up harming myself. I couldn't control the hate, I couldn't control the spiteful insults that were thrown at me, I couldn't control what they'd do to me. But I could control the blade as it slowly sliced my skin. I felt power from that.

And unfortunately that's what scared me the most.

Thursday came fast and Tyler was due back home at about 4pm. Having had something on my mind all week, I picked up my phone, scrolling through my contacts as I ate a bagel.

Liz Brockman.

I clicked her number and my phone began calling her. She picked up after several rings and I held the phone close to my ear.

"Hi, Liz speaking."

"Hi Liz, it's Felicity."

"Hey! How've you been?"

"Pretty good, actually! Could you meet me down in the café in five minutes?"

"Sure, I'll be right there!" 

"Okay, see you then!" 

Our phone call was short, but then sometimes they were, because I needed to talk to her face to face instead of through the phone.

Anna was out - who knows where - so after I'd grabbed my phone, jacket and purse, I locked the front door behind me and breathed in a deep breath of fresh air. Summer was just ending; it was still warm but the air was crisp and clear, and there was a pleasant breeze that kept the heat under control.

The café stood right in the heart of our small village, next to the pub and a shop. It was one of my favourite places and I went there quite often. It had booths that were covered with different types of material that had been salvaged from anywhere, really, to save money on seat covers. It was a good idea, in my opinion, and gave the café a colourful look and a comfortable vibe.

"Hi Flick, what can I get you?"

"Hey Faye! Can I get a hot chocolate and a slice of Victoria Sponge, please."

"Sure, that's £1.80, and I'll bring it over to you in a sec."

I fumbled around n my purse and handed Faye the money. Faye was a few years younger than me, at about fifteen years old, but she often sat with me in the café and she was there for me three years ago.

I sat in a booth on the corner, and minutes later Liz walked through the door. I waved at her and she spotted me, walking over. I stood up and we hugged, a friendly hug where we swayed side to side, one we always did when we met.

"Oh, I haven't seen you in weeks! How've ya been?" she asked.

We sat back down and as I was about to answer, Faye came over with my drink and cake.

"Your hot chocolate, and cake," she said, handing me the hot polystyrene cup and the cake wrapped in a napkin. I thanked her, and she smiled, turning to Liz. "Would you like anything?"

"Um, I'll have a coffee and a Bakewell tart please." 

"Okay, I'll bring it over when its done." she turned round and headed back to the kitchen area.

"I've been really good actually," I said, continuing with our conversation, "I won the competition I told you about the other week!" I told her excitedly.

"Yay!" she squealed, "So you get to meet them?"

"Yep! And I get to tour London!" 

"Oh my god, you're so lucky! I can't believe it! Can you get Louis' autograph for me?"

"Sure thing," I laughed at my friends' obsession with Louis. Who could blame her though? 

"Wait, are you sure you're ready for this? You know, to meet him again?"

I sipped my hot chocolate. "That's what I wanted to talk to you about."

You see, Liz isn't just a friend. I didn't meet her at school or at a sports club. She isn't even the same age as me; she's 25 whereas I'm only 19. She's actually my counsellor. I've known her for almost four years. The first time I tried to kill myself,I was assigned a counsellor. This was a mean, middle-aged woman called Mara, who I didn't like at all. The second time I tried, I was sent to the Brighton Depression and Addiction Rehabilitation Centre. 

There, I was given a new counsellor. This was Liz, a young, new-to-the-game woman, with a big heart and an even bigger slice of sympathy within her. It took me almost a year before I could fully trust her, and even then I had trouble opening up. When I got out of the rehab centre, Liz volunteered to live with me until I was bette. Now, though, I was much more comfortable with her, and she felt like a sister, in contrast to my counsellor. 

"I don't think he'll recognise me, Liz. The last time he saw me, I was a chubby, awkward sixteen year old with braces, glasses and short brown hair. Hell, my voice has even changed in those three years."

"I agree, I don't think he will know it's you. But what I mean is, are you emotionally ready to come face to face with him again? Will it bring back memories of the past?

"I don't know. I mean, hopefully I'll be okay. I got out of the Centre a year and a half ago, then you were with me for three months, and I haven't, y'know, cut since you left."

"I'm proud of you, Flick," Liz said, leaning over and patting my back. 

"Hey, here's your coffee," Faye approached our booth with Liz's order in her hands.

"Thank you very much, here's your money." Liz handed over the £2.00 and Faye returned to the counter.

"So do you think you'll be okay?" Liz questioned, sounding curious and caring.

"I think so, I hope so, I guess I'll just see how the day pans out."

"What will you do if he recognises you?" 

"I don't know, really. I'm kinda counting on it that he doesn't. If he does, I don't know, maybe I'll just deny it."

"Alright, sounds like you are prepared. If anything happens though, call Anna, Tyler or me immediately, we can help you."

"Thank you, Liz," I finished the rest of my hot chocolate, "I really appreciate it."

"No worries, Flick. Hey, what time are you meeting Tyler at the airport?"

"4," I replied with a mouth full of cake, "it's gonna take us about an hour to get there."

"You should probably get going, then, it's quarter to three." she chuckled. 

"Damn, thanks for reminding me," I told her as I hurriedly stood up and grabbed my jacket, "thanks for coming, by the way, it means a lot."

"You're welcome, don't forget what I said, though."

"I won't! Bye Liz!"


I threw my rubbish in the bin on the way out and quickly walked back up to the car park for my flat. Anna was sitting on my car bonnet, playing her music out loud.

"There you are! Where've you been?"

"Calm ya tits, An, I was at the café."

"My tits are perfectly calm, thank you. See?" she wiggled her chest and I slapped my hand on my face.

"Put 'em away and get in the car, you fool. We need to collect our guy." I laughed, sliding into the drivers seat. Anna swung the door open and sat beside me, her hand automatically reaching for the car stereo. She flicked the radio on and turned up the volume. I pulled out of the car park and onto the road, setting the satnav for Heathrow. Despite living so close to London, I barely ever went there, because I couldn't afford to go sightseeing or anything and I didn't have time either. The day with One Direction would really be a first for me.


Zayn's POV;

"Can we get dinner now?" 

The twelve year old girl stood in front of us looked up at us with pleading eyes.

"Sure," Liam replied, taking charge as usual, "What about Pizza Hut?"

"I don't like pizza." she answered.

"Oh, uh, KFC?"

"I'm a vegetarian."


"What's that?"

"Italian restaurant."

"Oh, I'm not allowed to eat pasta. It's got gluten in it."

"Alright then," Liam said, trying to hide the frustration in his voice. "Do you want to go to Starbucks?"

"Or are you allergic to coffee as well?." Louis muttered under his breath beside me.

"Sure! I love Starbucks!"

"Right, lets go then. There's one down the road from here."

The little girl, Georgia, her name was, stuck right next to Niall and Harry. Louis, Liam and I hung back slightly. Georgia was the third fan we'd spent the day with, and the last two hadn't been much fun either. The first fan was a 16 year old boy who was incredibly stuck up and would not stop talking for the entire day, then insisted we ate at one of the most expensive restaurants in London, which obviously isn't a problem, but anyway.

The second fan was a five year old girl who barely spoke a word, and her mum spent most of the day trying to get her to eat her sandwiches. I guess I should be glad we didn't get any grumpy oldies.

"This way, guys!" Niall called, heading into the Starbucks shop. We followed them in and up to the counter, where Georgia was ordering.

"I'll have a cheese panini, hot chocolate and a chocolate muffin please."

The waitress noted her order on a notepad and we gave our orders as well. Starbucks was an unusual place to get dinner, but it's as good as any. A short time later, our food, including my ham and cheese Panini and cappuccino, was brought over to us.

By the time we'd finished, it was almost time for Georgia to be taken home, because it was past 11pm. We gave her the gift box we gave to each fan, which had a signed group picture of us, some bracelets and other little presents. We also took a final few photos together before we hugged her goodbye, and one of our drivers ushered her into the car that would take her home. Paul pulled up minutes later and we all climbed into the back of the van, heading to the hotel that we were staying in temporarily. Once in our hotel rooms - I shared with Liam, the other boys had their own - I tiredly stripped down to just sweats and flopped into bed. Liam also entered the room and over to his own bed, changing into his boxers and crawling under the covers.

"Last fan tomorrow." he mumbled tiredly.

"Yeah. Hope they aren't as bad as the rest."

"Oh god, if we have another annoying one, I swear, I'll just jump in the damn river."

"I'll come with you. I can't take another little kid whining that their feet hurt."

"I guess we'll have to wait and see. Night, Zayn."

"Night Li."

He switched his light off, and I rolled over and did the same to mine. It took no time at all for me to fall asleep, ready for what tomorrow held.



hope you liked it

ily guys :-)


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