Behind Your Eyes [Zayn Malik]

You all know Zayn Malik, right? One fifth of One Direction, hot enough to be mistaken for a model? Yeah, everyone knows him, at least you THINK you know him. Back in high school, before the XFactor, he was the complete opposite of what he was now. For years he made my life hell. He drove me to the edge and scratched my name. Everywhere I went, his actions reflected upon me badly. So what did I do? I had to start again. New name, new look, new everything. Despite the fact that his face was everywhere I went, I managed to move on.

I guess that was until I won a day out with One Direction.

I'm Felicity Ranger, and this is the story of the Zayn Malik that I know.


3. Three.

"Alex," I perked up at the sound of my name, but lowered it soon after, hoping I wouldn't get paired with who I thought I would. "You will be paired with Zayn for this project."

Brilliant. Just great. I glanced over to where the smug boy was sat. He looked over at me with an evil glint in his eyes. The teacher told us to meet our pairs at a table and get started on our task, which was about natural disasters and man-made catastrophes. I slowly made my way over to Zayn, pulling out a chair and sitting beside him.


"Hey, Nerd."

"S-so, what do y-you want to write about in the proj-ject?" I asked nervously.

"Developing a stutter, are we?" he smirked.

"N-no." I argued, but knew he was right. He didn't speak again so I started to say my ideas.

"I was t-thinking, maybe we could d-do the project on 9/11. b-because I know a lot about it."

"Why don't we do it on you?" he asked, and I looked at him confused, "You're a pretty big disaster."

His friends from behind him snickered. "And every time you jump, you cause an earthquake!"

This time his mates burst out laughing, and after high-fiving them, Zayn turned back to face me. I hung my head low.

"Look here, Nerd, I don't care what we do this stupid project on, I won't be doing any of the work."

"But t-the teacher said we had to work t-together." I frowned.

"And you think I care? What are you going to do, snitch on me? A snitch as well as a nerd. Geez, you don't make it easy for yourself do you?"

"I don't try." I whispered.

"Don't be so stupid, Nerd. Get on with the work, for Christ's sake.








Felicity's POV;

"Tyler! Get off!"

"No! I bought it!"

"I don't care! I'm hungry!"

"Can you two shut up!?"

Anna and Tyler fell silent and turned to look at me. "Please, I'm trying to do this project and I can't concentrate with you two fighting over the last slice of pizza. Give it here."

I took the pizza from Anna, took a bite from the end and then tore it in half, giving each to them. "There? Sharing is caring."

"Thanks, Flick."

"Do any of you know anything about the Vietnam War? This book is no help at all."


"No I like pizza." Anna stated.

"Wow, way to go captain obvious." I said sarcastically.

"Why do you even have to do this project?" Tyler whined, "It's stupid."

"So are you. But I think you two forget that unlike you I actually go to university because I actually want to be something other than a homeless kid on a street corner."

"Woah, calm it Professor Sass."

"I'll put it away now, and we can just mess around for the rest of the night."

"We can help you plan what to wear tomorrow!" Tyler exclaimed and we stared at him.

"Uhh.. okay?" I picked up my papers and books and tucked them into my folder, taking it off the table and putting it on the kitchen counter.

"I still can't believe you get to meet them tomorrow," Anna told me, for possibly the fifth time this evening, "I mean, you won out of like, a billion people!"

"I know, it's pretty cool. I'd kill to meet them." Tyler added.

"It doesn't feel real." I admitted, "I feel like I'm going to wake up any second, and I'll have slept the whole way through higher algebra at uni."

"Come on, we'll find you an outfit and maybe it'll feel more real."

Anna took my hand and dragged me upstairs, with Tyler following close behind. She ripped the wardrobe doors open and enthusiastically grabbed a load of clothes. She sifted through them, sometimes making piles of different items.

"This?" she asked, holding up a blue skater skirt and a lace crop top, that clearly belonged to her.

"No, no, I'm not wearing anything short."

"This?" Tyler held up a flowery strapless dress that looked like it came down to my mid-thigh. 

"It's too girly." I huffed.

"What about this?" Anna held up a grey woolly jumper while Tyler held up pale denim shorts.

"Nope." I sighed. While my two best friends continued searching through the pile, I made my way over to my wardrobe to find myself something to wear. I wasn't much of a skirts or dresses girl, and it was beginning to get too cold for shorts. I rifled through, eventually pulling out a pair of aztec print leggings, a white strap top and my favourite jumper. It was black with a white cross in the middle. 

"I like this." I said, turning round to face them with my clothes in my hands.

"Don't you want to wear something... flirty?" Anna asked incredulously.

"I'm there to chill with them, not see who can take a look up my skirt." I laughed.

"I like it, I mean if you want to wear it, then of course you can." Tyler stepped forward, defending me and shoving Anna sideways onto my bed. "You could wear your combat boots with it."

"Thanks Ty. I was just thinking that as well."

By the time we finished putting all the clothes away, it was quarter to ten, and as I was getting up at 6am, I was planning to go to bed early, so I wished Anna and Tyler a goodnight and headed into the bathroom, whereas they went downstairs. Tyler lived in the flat beside us however he spent so much time at our house and slept over so often that we might as well live as a three. 

I brushed my teeth, tied my hair up into a high ponytail and changed into my pjyamas; an oversised t-shirt that belonged to my dad and old shorts. Before I got into bed, I grabbed my phone and dialled the number that I knew so well.


I smiled at the sound of his voice. "Hi dad."

"Flick! Sweetie, how are you?"

"I'm good, and you?"

"Yeah, I'm pretty good. They're working us hard out here. I literally haven't seen a chocolate bar in months!"

"Ha ha! I had one this morning!"

"Shut up, smart ass. So you ready for your thing tomorrow?"


"Well good luck with it, I know that band means a lot to you."

"Thanks dad, and they really do."

"Okay, love, I have to go now, stupid command officer making us practice drills again."

"Alright, have fun!"

"Yeah right! Love you, Felicity."

"Love you too dad, stay safe." The phone clicked and I placed mine on charge, stepping into bed and wrapping the covers round me tight.

All was good.




When I woke up in the morning, it was only quarter past five. I'm an early riser. 

I thanked god that our shower was incredibly quiet, because it would not go down well if Anna and Tyler were woken up at this hour. We were grabbing breakfast as part of the day with One Direction, so I stole a bite of a cake Anna and I had made the other day and gulped a small cup of orange juice down. 

By the time I was washed, dressed and my hair was dry, the other two were only just crawling out of bed. It was half six now, and the boys would be here in thirty minutes. Along with my outfit, I pulled my beloved black combat boots on and placed a grey beanie on my head. My trademark mass of bracelets covered the marks on my wrists, and my lower arm was alive with different colour bracelets from different countries and places.

"Up early, were you?" Tyler yawned, turning the coffee maker on and running his hand through his messy blonde hair.

"Yeah. I'm all ready now."

"Are you excited?"

How do I describe how I'm feeling? I'm nervous, anxious, worried yet buzzing with pure excitement and happiness. "Incredibly."

"Did someone say pancakes?" Anna asked tiredly as she stumbled in with wet hair, having obviously had a shower.

"No?" I replied, confused.

"Well I did, so lets make some."

We made the batter, getting flour everywhere and dropping countless eggs on the floor. We nearly dropped the batter on the floor as well but we managed to get it in the pan and make several pancakes. I didn't realise how much time we'd spend on making them until the doorbell rang.

We all froze.

"Dammit!" I cursed, running upstairs to find my phone and bag, before running back downstairs. I stood behind the door, mentally preparing myself, as Anna and Tyler approached me, eating pancakes.

"Be calm." I whispered to them.

"We should be saying that to you." they replied.

I opened the door slowly, and there on my doorstep stood One Direction. And their driver slash bodyguard guy.

"Hi! We're One Direction!"

Before I even had the chance to reply, Anna, who was standing beside me now, snorted and burst out laughing. The rest of us turned to look at her and Tyler shook his head, saying: "Please excuse her. Hello, I'm Tyler." He reached forward to shake the hands of each boy.

"We're here for a Felicity Ranger?" the driver said, once Anna had contained herself.

"That's me," I smiled.

"Okay, if you'd like to say goodbye to your friends then we can get going immediately."

I turned round and hugged Anna, kissed Tyler on the cheek and said goodbye to both of them. When I faced the boys again, they were grinning.

"Bye guys, see you later!"

"Bye Flick! Have fun!

"Love you!"

I followed the boys into the car, shaking like hell. Before I stepped into the vehicle, I waved once more to my best friends, and they bounced up and down, waving and giving me a thumbs up.

The car started, and we pulled away from my flat. This was exciting.

"So, you're Felicity?" Louis started.

"Yep, you can call me Flick, if you like, I don't mind."

"Okay... Flick," Harry said grinning, "Are you excited?"

"Hell yes!" I blurted, "I mean, yes, I am."

"Good good."

"Oh wow, I love your hair!" Niall exclaimed, taking a few strands between his fingers. "It's an amazing colour!"

"Thank you." I smiled widely and spoke quietly. "What have all the other fans been like?" I asked.

They all huffed and rolled their eyes, as if the thought of the other fans was pretty painful. "Terrible. They've either been too young, too stuck up or too annoying."

"I can assure you, I'm none of them. Hopefully." the boys laughed lightly at my statement and they continued to speak.

"Tell us about yourself, Flick, it's about a half hour drive to London so we might as well make use of the time." Liam told me. I absent-mindedly twiddled my phone in my hands, thinking of what to say.

"Okay, well, I'm Felicity Ranger, as you guys kinda guessed, I'm 19, I live in that flat with Anna and Tyler, my two best friends." As I said 'best friends', I noticed they relaxed slightly. Eh. "I go to UCA, that's the University of Creative Arts, I'm studying loads of different things. "

"Oh cool! What are you studying?" Zayn asked, really interested. I was taken aback slightly, because the last time I spoke to Zayn was three years ago, when he told me to kill myself. 

"Uh, all the basics, as well as French, Spanish, drama, music and Latin."

"Latin? That's so cool, how do you speak Latin?"

"Suus 'a secretum."


"It means 'It's a secret'." I said, smiling.

"Ohh! I get it. Is it difficult?"

"Kinda. It gets easier the more you learn, really."

"You said you studied Spanish as well," Niall said, and I nodded, "Así se puede entender esto?"

The boys looked at him confused, and I replied: "Sí Niall, puedo."

"As much as I love languages, not, can we please speak in English again? It hurts my brain." Louis complained.


I stared at all five boys for a moment, just taking in their beauty.

"You okay there, Flick?" 

I blinked and focused on Liam, who'd just spoken. "Yeah, I'm fine thanks. I still can't believe I'm here with you guys. I mean, it's like a dream come true."

"I take it you're a massive fan?"

"Yep! You don't know how much I wanted to win this competition. I just wanted to thank you all for helping me out with all I've been through." I told them quietly.

"That's grea- hey, what do you mean, all you've been through?"

"Uh, I don't know if I can tell you, I mean, I met you guys five minutes ago, and lets face it, you're One Direction, you're nice guys, and I love you lots, but we're not exactly friends, are we?"

Harry took my phone from my hands, typed something in and handed it back. It was unlocked so he could've done anything.

"There, ya have my number, are we friends yet, Flick?" he asked, smirking.

"Harry!" I gasped, "You can't just give me your number! You're Harry! As in, Styles!"

"Don't tell anyone, but I'm actually Harry as in Potter." he whispered loudly, and Niall snorted.

"I mean, what if my phone gets stolen or lost or something!"

"It won't, and if it does then I'll put my number in your new phone."

"But Harry-"

"But Felicity!" he whined, mocking me.

"I don't speak like that."

"Yes you do."

"There's no beating you, is there?"

"Uh, nope." he laughed, grinning like a five year old. He grins a lot.

"So can you tell us what happened, yet?" Zayn asked.

I didn't want to tell them, and - thank jesus - the driver stopped the car, just as I was about to speak.

"We're here, girls."

"Girls? But Felicity is the only girl, we're guys." Niall questioned, confused.

"Oh Niall," the driver chuckled and patted the boy's head, "you keep thinking that."

As we walked into the café, Niall was still looking confused, and pondering over what the driver had said. Luckily the boys dropped the subject of my past and we ordered our breakfast.



oh wow hi i didnt see u there

i did actually hA

so what do you all think of the book so far i mean do you like it do you hate it do i hate it i dont know do you know bc i dont.

where do you think her dad is/what do you think he's doing?

also if you dont know what the spanish bit is well basically niall says 'can you understand this' and flick replies 'yes niall i can' so there we go.

do you think zayn knows its her? i don't know if zayn knows its her why dont u ask him i dont have zayn/5 i dont have anyone/5 look you heartless beasts you made me cry now thanks.


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