Behind Your Eyes [Zayn Malik]

You all know Zayn Malik, right? One fifth of One Direction, hot enough to be mistaken for a model? Yeah, everyone knows him, at least you THINK you know him. Back in high school, before the XFactor, he was the complete opposite of what he was now. For years he made my life hell. He drove me to the edge and scratched my name. Everywhere I went, his actions reflected upon me badly. So what did I do? I had to start again. New name, new look, new everything. Despite the fact that his face was everywhere I went, I managed to move on.

I guess that was until I won a day out with One Direction.

I'm Felicity Ranger, and this is the story of the Zayn Malik that I know.


1. One.

I stared at the computer screen, eagerly waiting.

I was in the library, sitting at one of the desks with the old computers. My computer at home was broken, and as it was only a five minute walk down the road, the library was my second option. I tapped my fingers on the desk impatiently as I waited, glancing anxiously at the time on the rustic clock on the wall.

Three minutes until the winners are announced. The winners for what, you ask? The winners of the 1DayWith1D, a competition were four lucky fans are chosen to spend a day with One Direction, my favourite boyband. Despite the circumstances, despite Zayn, I still loved those boys with every single ounce of my heart.

You see, Zayn and I go back a long way. Nine years, to be precise. We met on the first day of high school, and I can't say that day was a good day. For the next six years he hurt me both physically and emotionally, and drove me to the edge. I guess I just moved on, really. I don't hold grudges; they're pointless, and they're even more pointless when the boy you're holding it on is world famous and could make millions of girls hate me in a mere second.

I didn't forgive him, no, how could I? That boy made my life a living hell, there's no way I could just forgive him like that. I just accepted the fact that he did that to me, and he's probably forgotten about me anyway, so why don't I do that as well? Forget about my past, I mean. I can't easily forget Zayn seeing as he's part of the group of boys that I adore. It's funny really, how fame hides the past of those who have a dark history.

The hands on the clock moved painfully slow. It was silent in the library, so you could hear the sharp tick of the hands clearly over the softer rush of traffic outside. Where I lived, it was just on the border of London, in a quiet town that was close enough for me to drive to my university, though it often got busy as it held a direct road to the centre of the capital.

Sixty seconds to go. I was excited, and anxious both at the same time. I knew I wouldn't get picked, but it was nice to believe you would, you know? That small flicker of hope that let's you think that it might actually happen for you.

Thirty seconds.
It'd been my dream to meet them. Ever since the days of the XFactor, I'd been obsessed. Their love for their job, their love for each other and their love for their fans was overwhelming. Their music was an escape from the world, and their interviews have me something to laugh about on a rainy day. I guess you could say they saved me, even though one of them is the reason I needed saving in the first place.

Could time move any slower? I was seriously considering smashing that clock, but instead I fixated my gaze on the second hand.

Here it comes, the results! Winners would receive an email, giving them more information about it. A whole day with One Direction. What I'd give for that to happen!






As the clock chimed four o'clock, the computer I was working at shut off with a Pop!, and seemingly died before my eyes.

"Damn it!" I hissed, earning a chorus of "Shh!" from other people in the library. I mouthed a quick sorry and started trying to fix the computer. It was totally unresponsive, so I moved into the seat of the computer beside me, logging on fast.

Password: mypasswordissecret

I logged into my email, scanning my inbox desperately for any emails.

None. Nada. Zilch. I hadn't won. It was over. I sadly logged off the computer, tucked the chair in and picked up my bag and books. I walked up to the lady at the library desk, a really nice woman called Ms Heathwood. She was about eighty years old, and you could recognise her anywhere due to the fact that she always wore earrings that were about three inches long.

"Hi, Ms Heathwood!"

"Hello, Felicity, dearie, how are you today?"

"I'm fine, thank you, how are you?"

"My back's playing me up again but it's not too bad. Would you like to take those books out?"

"Oh, yes please." I placed the two books up on the counter and she scanned them into her computer.

"The Fault In Our Stars is a great book, one of my favourite. I'm glad you chose it, you're really going to like it." she commented.

"I've heard lots about it. The last book is just for a project at Uni."

"Well good luck with the book and the project, then." I smiled and thanked her, tucking the books into my backpack and slinging it onto my shoulder. I left the old library, walking the short distance up to the flat I shared with my best friend Anna.

"I'm back!" I called, seeing if she was home.

"Did you win!?" she yelled back. I smirked at the fact that she asked me that before anything else, but my mood dropped when I remembered I hadn't won.

"Nope." I replied sadly, walking into the kitchen where she was spreading marmite onto a slice of bread.

"Oh damn." she said, "I know how much you wanted to go." Anna put down her sandwich and hugged me, rubbing my back gently.

"I should've known I wasn't going to win." I sniffed. She carried on hugging me before she let go of me suddenly.

"Wait, which email did you check at the library?"

I raised an eyebrow at her. "My personal one, why?"

Her face lit up immediately. "Flick! You used your school email to enter the competition!"

I dropped the biscuit I'd started eating and leapt out of my seat. Anna followed me, and we ran out of our flat, down the road and into the library again, almost knocking down a young boy on the way.

I threw myself onto the seat and hastily typed in the address for my university's website, before logging onto my school email account. There were five new emails, and I quickly scanned through them all.

"Look!" Anna squealed, pointing at an email from the One Direction management, "There's one!"

Anna wasn't a massive fan of One Direction, but she knew how much they meant to me, and I admired her enthusiasm for them when I needed it. I anxiously opened the email with shaking hands, and read the message.

"Dear Felicity Ranger,
Congratulations! You are one of four winners of the 1DayWith1D competitions! You have been randomly selected out of over 27 million entries, so count yourself very lucky!" Anna was reading it out loud for me, and I would've done the same, except I couldn't trust my voice at the minute.
"Your personal information about your day is as follows. Your allocated day is the final of the four, and is set next Saturday, six days from now.
You will be picked up from the location you wrote on your entry form at 7am sharp. Judging by the information you wrote on your entry form, we here at Modest! have decided that your day will consist of a tour of London, followed by dinner in a five star restaurant at 7pm, and then free choice of activities until 11pm, where you will be dropped off at one of London's most prestigious hotels, where you will depart with the boys, and transport to take you home will be arranged for the morning after.
If there are any issues with this arrangement or any other information is needed then please feel free to contact us before the set day.
Once again, congratulations from us and the boys, and we hope to see you soon. Thank you for entering the 1DayWith1D competition!
Modest! Management, Louis, Liam, Niall, Harry and Zayn."

I turned my head to face Anna, who's shocked expression mirrored mine. My jaw was wide open and my eyes were widened.

"Oh. My. God." we said in unison.

"I won." I whispered, "I WON!" I yelled out.

"SHH!!" hissed angry library users, for the second time that morning.

Still shaky, I shut down the computer and Anna and I left the library, waiting until we were outside the doors to scream and let out our excitement.

"OH MY GOD!" I screamed to the open air.

"I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!" Anna yelled.

I was trembling as my best friend grabbed hold of me and hugged me tight. There were literally tears streaming down my cheeks, and my breathing was shallow and ragged.

What? I was a damn mess of emotions!

We walked back up to the flat, nervously planning what to say and wear, or more, Anna was suggesting things and I was nodding in agreement, unable to speak and barely able to walk. I was glad that our flat was on the bottom floor, and only had a mere step up to the front door.

Once we were back inside, I let out a breath I'd been subconsciously holding for some reason, and grabbed my iPod. I sat on the sofa with my legs crossed and opened the Skype app, while Anna sat beside me with a packet of cheese puffs. After a few rings, the familiar face of our best friend Tyler popped up on screen.

"Flick! Anna! Hey guys!" he exclaimed.

"Hey Ty!"

"Looking good!"

"Aw, thanks girlies," he said, "I've been on the beach nearly every day of the holiday. It's so hot, like me." he laughed.. Tyler was on holiday with his family in Tenerife. He and Anna were my two best friends in the world, and also the only people who knew about the Zayn situation.

"You look like you have," Anna giggled. He winked at us but his smile dropped slightly afterwards.

"Flick, why do you look like you've been crying? Do I need to cut a bitch?" he said in his girliest yet caring voice.

"Oh no! I'm fine! I have massive news though!"

"Okay, spill, my child," he replied creepily.

"I won the contest! I'm going to meet One Direction!"

The grin on his face got bigger. "Oh my god, I'm so happy for you! I knew you'd win!"

"No you didn't, you said there was no way I'd get picked out of the millions of fans in the world." I joked.

"Well I secretly had faith in you." he told me, winking again. "So when are you meeting them?"

"Next Saturday at 7am."

He counted a few things on his fingers and looked around. "Okay, I'll be back by then, we come home on the Thursday. I still can't believe you won!"

"Neither can I! I thought I hadn't won but thanks to El Geniuso here, I remembered I signed up on my Uni email!" I pointed at Anna and she grinned.

"And get this, she's going on a tour of London as well!" she said excitedly.

"Girl, you are one lucky chick." Tyler told me, pointing his finger at the screen. "But if Zayn tries to pull anything, just tell me, I'll be right over and-"

"Ty, I love you very much, but I don't see you winning a fight against Zayn Malik. Besides, how is he going to know its me? He probably forgot about me the day he left for XFactor."

It was true; I didn't think he would recognise me. I bleached my originally brunette hair before dying it light blue, changed my entire style and even my name. My braces came off, my parents even paid for laser surgery on my eyes so I didn't have to wear glasses and my puppy fat disappeared. I transformed from the unattractive teenager to what I am now. Of course, the only thing still the same were the hideous scars left from my years of self harm, which I hid with my mass of bracelets or makeup. Alex Ranger was no more, in her place was Felicity. Everyone who knew me from the age of sixteen onwards knew me as Felicity, but I was still sometimes called Alex by friends who didn't know or forgot about my name change.

"Felicity? You there?"

"Huh? Oh oops." I shook my head and focused back on Tyler.

"You zoned out for a second there. I gotta go now, but I'll Skype you guys again soon and I'll be back on Thursday."

"Okay, we'll see you then."

"Bye! Love you!"

"Love you too!" we chorused as he signed off. I locked my iPod and tucked it into my jeans pocket. There was silence for a few seconds before Anna spoke.

"Well, what now?"

"I don't know about you, but I'm going down to the Tech Store, I need to pick up my laptop, I'm dying without it." I said, dramatically.

"Okay, well-" Anna's phone cut her off by buzzing, and she read the text. "My dad needs me to go help in the shop, so I'll be back here at eight-ish."

"Do you want me to order in Chinese?" I suggested, twirling the ends of my hair around my fingers.

"Oh yes please! I'm dying for a California Roll, like seriously, why doesn't the café sell them!?" she stood up and grabbed her jacket from a chair.

"Maybe because it's an English café, you poop."

"I'm not a poop. You're the poopish one in this relationship."

I stood up and followed her to the door. "I'll see you later, poop." I teased.

"Yes you will, bigger poop."

Anna and I split and went opposite directions. Her dad owned a corner shop which was down the road, and Anna often had to help out there. The Tech Shop however was up the road and in a different street, and I'd taken my laptop in a few days ago to get it fixed. A small bell rung as I opened the door into the smart shop.

"Hi, City!"

"Hey Mark!"

The lad at the counter was a boy the same age as me, who I'd met in my Maths class at college. We were kinda close, not as close as Anna and Tyler but closer than most people I knew. He was also the only person who called me City, as most people opted for Felicity or Flick.

"I've got your laptop in the back of the shop, d'you want it?"

"Yes please, I miss my laptop." I replied, checking out the latest Samsung Galaxy. I couldn't afford much from the small barista job I had, so my LG phone was all I could get at the moment.

"Here ya go, all fixed up." Mark's voice made me whirl round, and I found him holding my red laptop in his hands, the one that I'd been issued with from Uni. I took it from him and tucked it under my arm.

"Thank you very much, how much do you need for the repairs?" I asked, pulling out my purse.

"Well normally the repairs I did would be about £50," My eyes widened, hoping I had enough money, "but for you, I'll take it down to £20."

My eyes widened even more. "Mark, no, I can't just pay that little, you're a business, you need to make money, not lose it."

"But I know you don't have all that much, from the way your eyes got bigger when I said fifty pounds. Plus I know Uni's getting expensive, that's why I dropped out."

"Thank you, but-"

"City, no buts."

"Fine." I huffed, handing him two ten pound notes. 

"Pleasure doing business with a pretty girl like you." he winked and I groaned. Mark was so flirtatious, and I was only just learning to ignore it.

"I'll see you around, Markie." I waved as I stepped out of the shop door and smiled.

Today is a good day.


hi everyone!

im louise and I love pizza and boybands and this is my fanfiction.

i hope you like this story more than i do :-)

ps you all rock!!

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