Behind Your Eyes [Zayn Malik]

You all know Zayn Malik, right? One fifth of One Direction, hot enough to be mistaken for a model? Yeah, everyone knows him, at least you THINK you know him. Back in high school, before the XFactor, he was the complete opposite of what he was now. For years he made my life hell. He drove me to the edge and scratched my name. Everywhere I went, his actions reflected upon me badly. So what did I do? I had to start again. New name, new look, new everything. Despite the fact that his face was everywhere I went, I managed to move on.

I guess that was until I won a day out with One Direction.

I'm Felicity Ranger, and this is the story of the Zayn Malik that I know.


4. Four.

"Alex, Zayn, your project was especially excellent. I will be phoning your parents to tell them about your achievements, so well done, both of you. Come and receive your prize at the end of the day."

I was bubbling inside, we'd won! Well, I'd won. Zayn didn't do anything at all. It wasn't fair that he was going to get rewarded for something he hadn't done.

"Miss!" I called out, sticking my hand up in the air.

"Yes, Alex?"

"Zayn didn't help at all. I did all the work. He refused to do anything."

"Is that so? Well, Zayn, I said you both had to help, so you won't be collecting your prize and I won't be informing your parents of your 'hard work'. Instead, you can stay after school for a detention. Alex, still come and see me for your prize later."

Though I was beaming, I felt Zayn's cold hard stare burn into my back. Did I mess up again?

When class was dismissed, Zayn immediately found me sitting alone in the corner of the playground.

"Fuckin' nerd," he swore sharply, "can't keep your mouth shut, can you?

As we got older, Zayn bullied me more. He used harsher words and threatened me more. I thanked god he hadn't hit me yet, though it was only the second year of High School, so he still had time to plan something like that.

"I needed to tell the truth, you can't just get rewarded for doing nothing!"

He slammed my arm hard against the wall. "Who cares? You're a snitch. No one likes you, I mean, I hate you, got it? No one wants to be friends with nerds or snitches."

"I was just doing what's right!"

"Who cares what's right? Your face won't be right when I'm done with you!" he raised his fist and I shied away, backing into the wall.

"Come in everyone! Breaktime's almost over, time for classes!"

He whirled round and lowered his hand, hissing :"You're lucky, nerd." before walking away.

Zayn's POV;

"Is it possible to marry French Toast?"

"No, Louis, you can't marry French Toast."

"You don't control me."

"I didn't say I controlled you, I said you can't marry French Toast!"

"Same thing! Felicity!"

"Yes Louis?"

"Tell Liam that I can marry French Toast if I want to."

"Liam, though I see your point from every angle possible, if Louis wants to marry a piece of bread, sure, let him do it, as long as I can make the wedding cake."

"Woo! Suck on that, Liam! Love you Flick!"

As Louis danced around Liam, taunting him relentlessly, I stared at Flick, even though her back was towards me and she was facing Liam and Louis. Her electric blue hair made her stand out from the crowd, and it tumbled down in messy waves, as though she didn't need much effort to make it look good.

Her eyes, another bright blue feature, were something you could get lost in. So much depth and background behind two beautiful eyes.

But why were they so familiar?

Whenever I made conversation with Felicity, she seemed to tense up and hesitate before speaking. The way her eyes would flicker between all of us boys before resting nervously on me made me confused.

"Take a picture, it'll last longer."


"You were staring at Flick." he smirked.

"No I wasn't, Harry, go help Niall with his order."

Harry shook his head mockingly and left, joining Niall at the counter.

"Hey Flick," I said suddenly, causing her to turn her whole body round to face me. "What secondary school did you go to?"

She tilted her head ever so slightly sideways and pursed her lips. "Tong- I was uh, homeschooled."

"What did you say at the beginning?"


"You said something at the beginning, what was it?"

"Oh, I didn't say anything."

"Yes you did."

"I just went 'umm' at the beginning."

"You sure?"

"Yeah, positive."

Her eyes darted anxiously around, never fixating on me or maintaining eye contact. Was she lying? What did she actually say?

"We're back." Harry and Niall walked away from the counter at the front of the café and back over towards us.

"Did you get it?"

"Yep. One double chocolate chip muffin with skittles and marshmallows complete with white chocolate chunks."

"Niall, mate, are you looking for diabetes or something?" Louis chuckled.

"Ha ha, so funny, Tomlinson."

"Boys! Flick! It's almost 8 o'clock, it's time to leave, we've got a busy day ahead of us."

"Coming!" they called in unison, leaping out of their seats and heading towards the car. I was right in the middle of our booth so I had to shuffle along all of the seats to get out. When I stood up, I felt someone grab my hand and pull me towards the door.

"C'mon, Liss." Zayn said, softly.

So many emotions ran through my head right then. He barely ever spoke softly to me. I mean, of course today, he did, but in the five years I knew him, he always hissed, spat, yelled or spoke sharply. I'd never felt his hands, either. Except when he was slapping me or pinning part of me against a wall somewhere. They were so soft, and I just wanted to feel them all day long.

No one had ever called me Liss, either. It was always Felicity or Flick, with exception to Mark who called me City. It felt... weird, to have a nickname from Zayn that wasn't insulting or hurtful.

Don't get me wrong; I don't feel any different towards him at all, it's just that it's a strange, almost pleasant feeling to be on the right side of him. Plus his hands are incredibly soft.

"You okay?"

I snapped my head up. "Mhm, I'm fine thanks."

"Good, I hope you enjoy the tour today."

"I've never been around London, I can't wait."

We got back in the car, letting go of eachother's hands before we got close to it. More than once I'd tried to slip my hand out of Zayn's but he held it firmly, meaning I'd had to give up. I simply dismissed it as a friendly gesture. I made a mental note to try and avoid Zayn, not rudely, but so that I couldn't slip up and give anything else away.

It wasn't long before the driver, whose name was Charlie, slowed the car to a halt and announced that we had arrived.

The tour of London began.

"Boys, Felicity, this is Isaac. He's your tour guide for today."

"Hey everyone!" he said cheerfully. He had a bright grin plastered to his face, which showed signs of stubble furiously trying to grow. His brown hair was messy and looked somewhat like Louis'.

"Now Isaac'll be looking after you all for today, but there are two bodyguards out with you. Don't worry, they'll keep their distance and only intervene when necessary." Charlie added the last bit when he noticed the boys' pained expressions. "Have fun, stay out of trouble and don't break anything."

"Bye Charlie!" chorused the boys, all except Louis who called him Charles instead. I thanked him and said goodbye as well, before we all turned round to face Isaac.

"Okay, so, I know who you guys are," he said to the boys, then turned to me, "but not you. What's your name, love?"

"I'm Felicity." I told him, smiling politely.

"Nice to meet you, Felicity. So guys, the first place we're going to is London Dungeons. If you follow me it's just a five minute walk down the road. Let's go!"

We all seemed to get into pairs, Louis and Niall, Liam and Harry, Zayn and-


Wow, this avoiding him task is going well, isn't it?

I walked beside him, watching as the traffic sped past us. This was all a new experience for me; I was used to a semi-rural, quiet village, not a busy city. I gazed around, taking in my surroundings. My bag hit my leg with each step I took and I remembered that I'd stashed my camera in it. I pulled it out, switched it on and began taking photos.

"Nice camera." Zayn commented.

"Oh, thanks. My dad bought it for me, so I could complete my course, but I use it for other photography as well."

"Do you do photography courses then?"

"I do evening classes and stuff, because the courses at Uni were at the same time as my core subjects, but I still want a degree in photography."

"Oh that's so cool! I love art and creating stuff, I've got a whole room in my house for it."

"You do seem like the kind of person who's creative, plus I've seen some of the things you've drawn on twitter."

"You see these tattoos?" he rolled up his jacket sleeve and pointed at a set of inked pictures. I nodded. "I designed them myself."

"Wow, that's amazing! I've always wanted a tattoo, but I don't know what to get, and I don't have enough money for one either." I chuckled lightly.

"Maybe I could draw you one." he suggested, smiling at me.

Thank you, but no thank you. "That would be really nice." I replied, smiling politely.

"We're here!" Isaac announced. I didn't realise we'd stopped, and I carried on walking straight into Niall.

"Oh god, sorry Niall!"

"Don't worry about it!" he said kindly. "Hey, do you wanna go with me for London Dungeons?"

"Sure!" I accepted his offer gratefully. Zayn looked slightly peeved and mumbled something under his breath, before buddying up with Liam.

Our tickets were pre-paid, so we collected them and walked into the creepy corridor leading us to the dungeons.

"Are you scared easily?" Niall mumbled into my ear.

"Nope! I love scary stuff!" It was true; I loved horror. The last time Tyler, Anna and I had a movie marathon, I pranked the hell out of them after The Woman In Black. Insidious? I laughed the whole way through that. I was actually waiting for Insidious 2 the same way a Doctor Who fan would wait for the next episode after a tense cliffhanger. London Dungeons would be a breeze. The fact that I'm not scared easily has a downside though; I failed the Horror unit in my drama exam the first time because I giggled when I was meant to be screaming in terror.

"Oh- okay, uh, I'm not scared easily either." he told me hesitantly.

He so is.


An hour and a half later, we all walked down the corridor that led us to the exit. Niall was in the same position that he'd been in the whole way round; he clung to my arm like he would die if he let go (though I'm sure he thought that would probably happen), with his eyes as wide as saucers.

I, on the other hand, felt great. I'd snorted out laughing when a dead body appeared in front of me, and I nearly fell out the cart trying to contain myself after a headless figure walked past us.

"You alright there, Niall?"

The sound of my voice startled him, and he jumped, gripping my arm tighter. "Oh, it's you, Flick. I'm okay."

"Who else would it be?" I questioned.

"Zombies. Ghosts. Headless creatures trying to steal my brains." he answered quickly.

"Don't worry, they wouldn't find anything they were looking for." Louis chuckled, grabbing Niall's head and giving him a noogie.

"That was... scary." Liam commented as he and Zayn caught up with us. I noticed Zayn and Niall make eye contact, and suddenly Niall let go of my arm.

"You didn't scream once, Flick, what's yo secret?" Harry asked, looking hot and flustered from the heat in the dungeon and from being scared.

"I love horror, I live for scary things."

"You should try waking Zayn up at 6am to record music, that's a pretty scary thing." Niall added, receiving a smack on the back of his head from Zayn.

"Okay everyone, now we're going to visit Madame Tussaud's, and we're also going to have lunch there." Isaac instructed, waving his hand in his direction, indicating that we follow him.

"Oh man, I can't wait to see the wax figure of Justin Timberlake, it'll be the closest I'm ever gonna get to him." I grinned.

"Oh, so you're excited for Justin, but not our wax figures? I am hurt." Louis joked, clutching his heart in mock disappointment.

"Of course I'm excited for the wax One Direction, except at the moment, I'm with the real One Direction. Or are you lot phonies?" I questioned, raising my eyebrows.

"Yeah, we're fake, we kidnapped the real One Direction and we're going to eat them for dinner." Harry laughed.

"I knew the real boys were better looking than you fakers." I said, flipping my hair.

"Hey!" he replied, slapping me lightly on the arm.

"I'm kidding!" I defended myself, slapping him back.

A few minutes passed and we arrived at Madame Tussaud's. We walked around, taking photos of each other with different celebrities' wax figures and laughing the ones .that were bad. When Louis tried to pose with Beyoncé, he held her face too tight, and when he let go, there were a couple of dents where his fingers had been. We all glanced at each other, and noticing a security guard nearby, we made a run for it.

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