A Promise You Can't Keep

Why do people make promise's they can't keep!?.
Maddi finds is hard to be a mother when the father of her baby promised that he would message and call her but never did so she s raising a baby all by her self!!


6. Chapter 5:

Chapter 5:

Maddi's POV- 

 As I'm driving im thinking of all the things I want to say to him. I want to scream in his face but I know that wouldn't be a good idea. I finally arrive and my palms get sweaty and my legs shake more and more wth every step I take, I decide to knock on the door, I dont know why but I do. I hear footsteps approaching. shit this is scarier than I thought, the door opens and there he stands, the father of my child, the guy who forgot about me and suddenly I forget everything I wanted to say to him. 


Niall's POV- 

When I opened the door I coldn't believe what was in front of me. Maddi was standing right there. 

'Um hi' I suddenly said after about 5 minutes of us just standing there staring at each other. 'Welcome back' I said and moved from the door so she can walk in. 

'I think we need to talk Niall. And I think we need to talk now about as much as we can in about 2 hours' she said as he walked in the door. 

'Okay lets go sit down and 20 questions!?' i asked while walking to the kicken, she just nodded. 


'You frist, I think I have alot more questions that what you have' She just nodded and sat down. 

'Okay, why did you make a promise you cant keep!?' She just shot out, withut taking a breath. 

Without thinking douple thinking I replyed 'wait what!? I have never made a promise and if I have I have stuck to it' 

'Well Niall I dont know if you remember but you made a promise with me before you left when you mother cam and picked you up for x-factor that you would call and text me everyday but I have never heard from you since that day till up to now.' She replyed almost crying. 'Okay your turn' she quickly said before I could reply. 

'um okay, why do you live here with my mother!?' I asked just simply. 

'becuase my parents kicked me out of the house.' she simply replyed. 'I really dont know what to ask you.' She said. 

'Well I have a couple more questions. So why did your parents kicked you out!? Why is your bedroom door locked!? Why have I never been told you live here!? Why do you need more room than my mum does!? Why did you want to ingore me!? ' I asked while trying to keep a striaight face. 

'Yeah a couple of qustions Niall' She said kinda laughing. 'Okay, because I feel pregant, so you cant get into it when you come, because i get you mum to tel me everytime you are coming so I can go to a friends house, Because two and living in one room, because yo made a promise you didnt keep and I dont beileve I can trust you again' She said getting up of the chair. 

'Wait where are you going!?' i got up as quick a possible to keep up with her. 

'Going to get clothes for myself because me and my baby is going to stay and a friends house' She said like it was so simple. 

'Why are you staying there when you have a bedroom here and you and you baby can stay here!?' i said trying to stop her from going up the stairs. 

'Because Niall I dont want you to ever meet Sophia becuase Im scared that you will break her heart like you did mine and I will have to be the one to deal with all the questions and evrything that she does' She said through her teeth and then ran up the stairs and ran back down with some clothes. 'Sorry Niall but you are ganna have to try harder to get me back' and with that she walked out the door without giving me time to reply. 

Tiffany's POV- 

I have just got home from work and my phone started ringing, farrrk why Im so tired. 

'Heyy' I said to Maddi over the phone. Yes it was my best friend Maddi, could never turn down a call with her. 

'Hey, Can I stay with you till I get my own house for soph and I!?' She sounded like she had been through some trouble. 

'Yeah sure girl. Why whats the problem!?' I asked because I knew she would tell me. 

'I'll go get Soph and then be pver and Ill tell ya, see ya' and with that she hung up. For some reason with this girl all you can think of is the worse. 


Oh wow. this one was kinda long. aha 


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