A Promise You Can't Keep

Why do people make promise's they can't keep!?.
Maddi finds is hard to be a mother when the father of her baby promised that he would message and call her but never did so she s raising a baby all by her self!!


5. Chapter 4:


Chapter 4: 

Nialls POV: 

'Mum why did Maddi walk into the locked door room!?' I asked out of the blue. 

'Because thats where her bedroom is' mum answered really simply. 

'Wait I'm way lost. Why does she live here, with you!? Why is she in your room!? Why have i never been told!? How come I have never thought about the locked door till now!?' I kepted on asking mum all theses questions that she couldnt even think about the answer before anothe one was fired at her. 

'NIALL!! SHUT UP AND ATLEAST GIVE ME A CAHNCE TO ANSWER THEM' Mum practically screamed at me. 'Okay you done now!?' i nodded while taking a seat. 'Okay, Maddi got kicked out of her house so she lives here now, she needed more room than I did so I moved her in there, She leaves everytime she knows when you are coming, whitch up to now is everytime and her door is locked so when you come you can't go in there. Niall is there anymore questions before I start cleaning up this mess before maddi get back!?' mum said in about 20 seconds. 

'Yeah a few. Why did Maddi's parents kick her out!? and why does she want to ingore me!?' I asked 

'Niall my dear, lets just say you two have somethings you need to work out and your very bad at keeping promises' and with that she walked out the door to the kitchen. 


For the rest of the day what mum had said to me has been bugging me. 'And your very bad at keeping promises', what the hell does promises have to do with this!? I guess I will find out if I talked to Maddison my self instead of going to mum because she is usless. 


Jack's POV- 

For the past 2 years I have been wanting to kill this Niall kid. 

Your probably wondering who I am. Well im Maddison's older brother. Im 3 years and 4 months older than her. 

But anyways getting back to what I was saying. This Niall kid needs a shooting. Getting my little sister pregant and than making a promise about keeping in contact with her but not even calling or messageing her back when she rang and texted him is very low and I aint liking that. But I know for sure if I even try and do anything to him I would be locked up because he is in this so called mose famous band 'One Direction', not saying I have something against the other guys because I think there cool but its just the irish dude. 

I'm not any different to my little nince because after all she is my sisters and im her only uncle that knows about her at the moment and that aint changing anytime soon. 


Maddison's POV- 

'I can't believer she never called or texted me that he was there. I know she didnt want to distube me while I was away but I also didnt want to come home with him in the house when I never want to see him again' I said to mum I was having a big rant over the fact that Niall was back and I was never told. 

'Hunny sit down and take a few deep breaths' My mum always gives the best advice but is really bad at taking other poeples. 'Now I think that it is time to talk to him about everything. Im sure that he has now seen you he will have so many questions and his mother wont want to give anything away becuase thats up to you. Now you dont have to open up to him staright away but atleast go back there and leave Soph here and explain something to him' mum told me and got up and left the room. I think she is right but am I ready to even talk to him when I cant even look at him with out thinking the worse. 

I sat there for about an hour thinking weither I should go and explain to him or just get Soph and stay at a friends. I guess if I stay at a friends he could just stay in town until he gets to see or talk to me. Well then I figure its time to talk to him for once and for all, But no way is he meeting Soph yet. Not that quick. I went and gave Soph a kiss because she was alseep and got in my car. On my way back home all I could think of was what was I gonna say and do when I cant ever be in the say room with him. 


Heres a long one guys. 

love sharnie xoxx

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