A Promise You Can't Keep

Why do people make promise's they can't keep!?.
Maddi finds is hard to be a mother when the father of her baby promised that he would message and call her but never did so she s raising a baby all by her self!!


3. Chapter 2:

Chapter 2: 

****** 6 Days later ****

 Maddi POV: 

OMG!!! I seen so many places! sight seeing is the best when you have been saving for pretty much you whole life to come!! 

Day 1: The Louvre:

One of the best places to start a great trip. It had a collection of pre-20th century painting, sculpture, and decorative objects. 

Day 2: Boat Tour of the Seine River

Best boat ride of my life! Seeing some of Paris' most beautiful sites glide past as you drift down the Seine river is an unforgettable and essential experience. We went during the day and than back on at night to see all thne beautiful light! 

Day 3: Père Lachaise Cemetery

Paris counts within its walls many of the world's most poetic cemeteries-- but Père Lachais outdoes them all. Thats what they told me when we turned up and at the end of looking at all the walls and everything I must agree. There are so many famous people buried there. 

Day 4: Sacre Coeur and Montmartre

With its unmistakable white dome, the Sacre Coeur sits at the highest point of Paris on the Montmartre knoll, or butte. Perfect veiw from the top. No joke you could see every bit of Prais and it was the best. 

Day 5:  Notre Dame Cathedral

'No first trip to Paris is complete without a visit to this marvel of gothic architecture. One of the most singular and beautiful cathedrals of Europe,Notre Dame Cathedral's dramatic towers, spire, stained glass and statuary are guaranteed to take your breath away.' thats what I read on the internet before I visted it and one of the best thing I have been to in Paris so far. 


Day 6: Centre Georges Pompidou and the "Beaubourg" Neighborhood

Parisians consider the Centre Georges Pompidou to be the cultural pulse of the city. This modern art museum and cultural center, located in the neighborhood affectionately dubbed Beaubourg by locals, opened in 1977 to honor president Georges Pompidou. The best place to go if you are so into art, You will love it. 

And today it day 7. Before we head of home we are going to see the  Eiffel Tower. Any one would be lucky to be here doing what me and my beautiful best friends are. 

We all go ready and left the Motel. No only where we going to see the Eiffel Tower, we get to go up to the top. 


***4 Hours Later***

OMG that was the best. Ever since I have been able to know what the Eiffel Tower was I have been wanting to go. 

Your probably wondering what we did in our spare time, well we went shopping and selpt because we had really bad jet lag. 

Definitely bringing Sophie back here when she is old enough. 

Now time to leave this beautiful place and get back to my baby girl. 


Hey guys. 

(: from sharnie. x

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