A Promise You Can't Keep

Why do people make promise's they can't keep!?.
Maddi finds is hard to be a mother when the father of her baby promised that he would message and call her but never did so she s raising a baby all by her self!!


2. Chapter 1:

Chapter 1:

Madison POV:


'Niall I have something to tell you' I screamed through my parents house. 
My mother and father have gone away for 2 weeks and I have been left home alone, but Niall choose to stay with me for a few nights.

'I need to tell you something to Maddi' Niall replied. Usually when Niall has something to tell me it's bad.

'Oh well you first then' I told him, I have no idea how I'm going to tell Niall that I'm pregnant with his child, no doubt it will ruin our 2 and a half year relationship.

'Okay well as you know I addition for the X - factor' I nodded so he contained. 'Well I have been put into a band with 4 other guys. Oh and mum will be here any munite to pick me up and take me to the airport so I can go to the X - factor house.' As Niall told me his mother turned up and beeped, niall leaned in to give me a kiss but I moved away. 
'Maddi I promise with all my heart that I will text you everyday, all day and I will ring you every night, I will come down and see you when ever I can. I will never ever forget you Maddi, I love you princess' with that he kissed my forehead and walked out the door to his mother. 
And since that day I haven't heard or seen from Niall Horan!


'Sophia come on we need to go' I yelled up the stairs to soph. 
We are about to leave to take Sophia to my parents so I can have a weekend away with my girl friends. 
When I first told my parents that I was pregnant they went nuts so I moved in with Niall mother. Yeah I know what you thinking Niall knows because his mother would have told him but your wrong. Every time niall would come around I would go and stay at my best friends house until he left. Niall mother has put a look on mine and Sophs door so that when Niall comes I only have then key and he can't get in. 

'Come on Soph we really need to go' I told her as I was walking up to her room. 

'But mummy, I want to  play' She sadi and gave me the puppy dog eyes, 'When we get to nans you can play with your toys bub, but right now we really need to go', she nooded her head and put her toys in her little Doc McStffins bag, I picked her up and walked down stairs to Maura to sya good bye. 

'Goodbye grammy' Sophie siad while she ran to Maura and gave her a big hug. 'By baby girl, grammy will see you in 1 week kay' Sophie nodded. 

'Bye Maura, will see you in a week' I gave her a kiss on the cheek and pick up soph and walked out the door, put soph in the car and drove to my parents house.


'Mummy I don't want you to go on this holiday' Soph half cried to me. 

'Baby I have to, but mummy will bring you somthing home i promise' I told her as i got soph ot od the car and walked up to my parents door. I didnt even bother knocking I just walked staright in as I was already running late. 

'hey mum and dad, sorry for all this but I have to drop soph off and quickly go as im runnign late' I yelled through the house. 'Bye baby girl mummy will see you in a week and bring something back for you' I said as I gave her a kiss and yelled bye to mum and dad. 

When I got to the car I thought to my self 'now just to get to the airport and off on the plane' 


As i got to the airport I quickly ran up and cheecked in and went and boarded the plane. 

bye bye London, Hello Pairs. 



i know this was a short chapter. 

Love Sharnie (: xoxo

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