A Promise You Can't Keep

Why do people make promise's they can't keep!?.
Maddi finds is hard to be a mother when the father of her baby promised that he would message and call her but never did so she s raising a baby all by her self!!


1. A Promise You Can't Keep

Why do people make promises they can't keep and they know they can't!? 
Why didn't  I say no you can't make promises you can't keep!? 
Well that because we were to into the moment to even think of that, and now I'm stuck with Sophia until she is 18 all by myself and I'm only 17 still a kid. 
Let me explain who I am, 
My name is Madison Ann Gray, I'm 17 years old and I'm a single mother, my daughter Sophia Gray has changed my life and her father isn't around, I'm not saying Sophia was a bad or anything because god, yeah she is hard work but u wouldn't change her for the world. 
Anyways Sophia's father is the one and only Niall James Horan.

Anyways I hope you enjoy my journey from when it all started to where it all ends.


Hey all. 

Hope you enjoy A Promise You Cant Keep. 

Send in any feed back you want. 

love Sharnie xoxo

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