The Book Of Raven

so I'm currently working on the book of my dreams (the one I've been planing for 4 years now) and decided to get down some of the base lore, and then though why not put it up here for storage no one's going to read it, which contradicts me writing this (i guess I'm hoping someone will read it and get interested). so yeah the book of Raven is kinda the creation story behind the Sacare universe and stuff. i'll probably be adding to this often or when ever i get something down. the chapters aren't linked and are just tales from the Lore.


1. A birth of a world

It was said that before the times of men and even the universe itself that there was a beginning. A beginning that started with Sacare D’avion, a being of balance without form possessing the power to breathe life into a world, to form the rocks and the plains, the stars and the moons, or she would of if The Chaos did not reside in the world a force that brutally destroyed and courted everything she built.

Eventually growing sick of The Chaos, Sacare forced them out of her realm and banished them into a universe of their own where their sickish creations could roam free in the blackness of which they were born, this world named the Sea Of Chaos. Having done this Sacare turned to her world and began her work. With one hand she wove the strands of the universe together into beautiful plains, mighty planets, shining stars and lively creatures. But Sacare was a creature of balance and while one hand built the other destroyed, the plains were set ablaze, the planets were ground to dust, the stars burnt themselves from existence and the cries of the newborns where drowned out by the screams of their mothers.

Sacare then turned her hands on herself, and with a cry of pain she tore the destructive half from herself and flung it into the Sea Of Chaos, it’s body shifting from that of a formless mass to that of a humanoid as it fell, as did Sacare possessing skin of Alabaster white and hair of crimson. Leaving her destructive half in the Sea Of Chaos, Sacare descended onto lands newly formed. Delighted with her creation she filled her new lungs with the new air free of chaos and her destructive self, and as she exhaled a great wind flew across all of existence, planets, suns and life forming in its wake, however crude it was free and safe.

And so began the Era Of Creation                                                                                                   

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