D.A.N.G.E.R (Harry Styles Punk)

They're after me.
They're after her.
I'm on my own.
I'll be there.
No one will protect me.
I'll protect her no matter what.
They won't hurt her. I won't let them!
I'm in D.A.N.G.E.R.


2. Chapter Two

Years later the mystery of the bullet that was placed  in the middle of Dallas' dads forehead still remained a mystery, the case of the accident closed. Dallas had moved in with her Aunty Sarah that agreed to take her in since she was the sister of Dallas' father. Aunty Sarah only lived about 30 minutes away from Dallas' old house. All Dallas did was stare out of the window and write in her fathers non-used Diary that was handed down to Dallas when he died. Aunty Sarah tried everything to get her out of the church but it wouldn't work nothing would get her out of the house. Aunty Sarah thought that all Dallas did was stare out her window and write in her diary but she was way off, every time Aunty Sarah went to church, she would go the nearest gym that was two blocks away from Aunty Sarah's house, it was called Max's Gym for Guys and Girls. Dallas knew Max who was the owner of this gym hence the name, really well because he trained her to be the best as he was once a street fighter before he started the gym. Dallas knew more about what happened to her parents then people think. She knew they were targeted and she wanted revenge. She wanted to hunt down those who took her parents away from her and thats why Max decided to help her, Dallas told him about everything and Max knew how hard it was to lose your own loved ones.    Aunty Sarah was walking out the door to her car, ready for church when she looked back at Dallas who was standing by the door waving goodbye. Aunty Sarah waved back before getting in the car. Dallas watched as her Aunty reversed out of the drive way and drove away beeping the horn. Dallas closed the door running up the long staircase, grabbing her gym gear before heading out the back door. Dallas did this every sunday, she jumped over four fences and ran up the pathway, she looked both ways before running across the street, she turned left then looked both ways again before running across the road and then turned right then turned right again. She looked up at Max's gym, opening up the doors, she waved to Max who waved back before she got started.   It was around 11:30am and Max was sorting out his office papers and reservations when he noticed Dallas hasn't left yet. He placed his papers down, walking out of the office and over to Dallas who was kicking boxing. Max held the bag while Dallas kicked at it, he felt her strength through the way she kicked the bag. Dallas kicked the bag with more strength then before, Dallas stopped kicking the bag letting out a big puff of air, she sat down on the seat and grabbed her water and squirted the water into her mouth. Max steadied the bag before sitting next to Dallas, Max stared at her wondering why was she so mad. Max knew not to put his arm around her when she was like this, he learned from his mistake that he did two months ago. Dallas looked over at her friend Max "what?" She questioned, she knew he knew something was wrong and she also knew he wanted to know what it was. "Why are you angry little bird?" Max knew that she would probably not open up as of right now. Dallas let out a huge sigh before answering "Two words, one name" Max knew right then and there who she was talking about. "Harry Styles" they spoke simultaneously. Max sighed "why do you let him do this to you? Why don't you just fight back?" Max questioned. She came here everyday, she is getting stronger everyday why doesn't she fight back? Why does she keep letting that harry boy hurt her Max thought. Dallas sighed "I dont know" she muttered. The pair sat in silence, Dallas stared at the ground before hopping up grabbing her gym gear and her water bottle, she looked down at max "I have to go bye Max" Max nodded and stared at her as she walked out of the glass doors. Dallas walked across the street Max's question still in her mind "why don't you just fight back" Why doesn't she fight back, she is strong enough just why doesn't she. Dallas questioned in her mind. Dallas looked down at her watch seeing it was 11:50 am. Her eyes widen as she saw the time, she ran down the pathway and across the street not watching the cars, the cars beeped as she ran in front of them. She jumped the four fences, she jumped into her yard racing up the patio, opening the slide doors then closing them, she ran up the long staircase until she got to her room, she hid her gym gear in her closet. She undressed herself and put her PJ's on. She watched from her window as her Aunty drove the car up the driveway, Dallas ran down the stairs and too the front door opening it up as her aunty got there. "Thank you dear" she said smiling at Dallas. Dallas nodded and walked up the stairs again, dallas opened her door then closed it, Dallas sat on her bed grabbing her diary and pencil that were under her fluffy white pillow. She opened up to a new page, pressing her pencil against the white paper and wrote "Why do I let him hurt me? Why don't I just fight back" she stared at the words, she closed the diary putting it away under her pillows, she laid in her bed, covering herself with the white blankets as she listened to the rain pour down on the roof. She fell asleep listening to the rain.

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