D.A.N.G.E.R (Harry Styles Punk)

They're after me.
They're after her.
I'm on my own.
I'll be there.
No one will protect me.
I'll protect her no matter what.
They won't hurt her. I won't let them!
I'm in D.A.N.G.E.R.


3. Chapter Three

Dallas opened her eyes,  she reached up and slid her hand through her hair, she looked towards the window, seeing the rain had stopped and it was now night time. A knock on door came "come in" Dallas muttered,  the door opened and Aunty Sarah came in looking a bit worried, Dallas looked at her, her eyebrows furrowed. Sarah sat down on the bed looking at Dallas. "You ok Aunty Sarah?" Dallas asked, Sarah looked down a frown on her face "No darling, I dont know how to tell you this but I have to go somewhere" Dallas looked at her in confusion "whats so bad about that?" Sarah didn't want to tell Dallas where she was going, the place she was going wasnt a place at all, see the past few months Sarah had been getting these messages, messages from the people who eliminated Dallas' parents. They wanted to kill Dallas. Sarah looked at Dallas "I will be gone for a while Dallas, I dont know how long I will be gone. I hope you will be ok on your own darling" Sarah looked at her niece in concern. Dallas looked at her feet nd thought about all of this. She doesn't know where her Aunty is going and doesnt know how long she will be gone for. Dallas looked up at her and nodded smiling "yeah I will be ok" Dallas watched as her Aunty smiled at her and walked out of the room closing the door behind her. Dallas turned around grabbing her Diary flipping to the page she had written Max's question on. She grabbed her pencil and wrote "Where is she going? Why is she going? How long will she be gone for?" Just below that she wrote "I have to find out..." Dallas closed her Diary placing it under her pillow again. Dallas looked at her Alarm clock seeing it was 7:30pm, she hopped off her bed, walking over to her closet, grabbing her white jeans and her white blouse. She pulled of her pj's and put on her jeans and white blouse. Dallas walked out of her room, closing the door behind her. She walked down the stairs when Sarah stopped her "Dallas dear" Dallas faced her "Yes Aunty Sarah?" She replied. "Could you please go down to the shop and get me some milk" Dallas smiled "of course" Sarah handed her some change and walked back to the kitchen. Dallas headed out the door shutting it behind her. She walked down the pathway staring at the night sky seeing the lovely sparkling stars above, while Dallas stared at them while walking she didn't noticed that someone was watching her from afar. The figure came closer to Dallas, wrapping his hand around her mouth, Dallas screamed and kicked at the sudden approach. "You're mine now" A deep mans voice whispering in Dallas' ear. She tried remembering Max's training    "Remember Dallas if anyone attacks you from behind, hold onto attackers arms, step on their foot. Then head butt them using the back of your head. Next use your elbow to attack the abdomen or chest. When the attacker falls strike their back with your hands joined together and edge of hand as weapon" Dallas held onto the mans arms, stepping on his foot behind head butting them, she elbowed the man's chest causing the man to fall, Dallas turned around joining her hands together then striking the mans back. Dallas watched as the man laid there in pain, Dallas ran back to her house, she looked behind her every few seconds just incase someone else was following her, she ran up the driveway and she stayed at the front door for a bit before walking into the house acting like nothing happened. Sarah came out of the kitchen "Dallas than- where's the milk?" Sarah noticed she didn't have the milk she asked Dallas to get "The store was closed" "oh" Sarah replied, the two stood there in silenced for a while before Dallas stated she was going to bed "Ok dear good night" Dallas didnt reply. She walked into her room, putting on her Pj's again before laying in her bed. She stared at the ceiling wondering who that man was "what did that man want with me?" Dallas whispered before she closed her eyes drifting off to sleep. 

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