D.A.N.G.E.R (Harry Styles Punk)

They're after me.
They're after her.
I'm on my own.
I'll be there.
No one will protect me.
I'll protect her no matter what.
They won't hurt her. I won't let them!
I'm in D.A.N.G.E.R.


1. Chapter One

Winter had come. Snowflakes were falling. A little blonde haired girl watched as the white fragile things fell to the ground. Her blue eyes looked towards the white house across the street,  she watched as a new family moved in. She watched as a little boy with brown curly hair jumped excitedly out of the silver car,  a massive grin on his face as he looked up at his new house. The little girl watched from her window as the new family walked back and forth bringing their stuff into the white house. A movement came from the corner of the little girl's eye, she looked towards the movement to see the little boy opening up his window, she watched him poke his head out of the window trying to catch the little white snowflakes with his tongue. The little girl brought her hand up to her mouth covering it while she giggled at the little boy's action. The little boy looked towards the house across the street seeing a little girl in the window watching him while giggling. The little boy smiled at the girl, the little girl smiled back. "Dallas" The little girl's mother called for her, Dallas looked behind her and saw her mother standing there smiling at her. Dallas looked out the window waving to the little boy before jumping off the window sill, running into her mothers arms. Her mother picked her up, holding her on her hips, turned off the lights and closed the door on the way out. Her mother made her way downstairs where her dad was waiting. He was wearing a suit with a blue tie and had a suitcase that was next to his legs. Her dad looked up at Dallas and her mother smiling at the two as they came down the stairs. Her dad bent down grabbing his suitcase then opened up the door for her mother who was still holding Dallas walked out first. The three walked down the pavement to the black Toyota Avalon. Her mother opened up the backseat door, placing dallas' in her seat strapping her in, then shut the door before hopping in the passengers seat. Her dad opened up the drivers seat door, sitting in the drivers seat placing his suitcase next to Dallas. Dallas watched as her dad turned on the car, then reversed out of the drive way. Dallas looked out the window watching the houses go by before they came to the start of the forest entrance. The next thing happened so fast. A car slammed into the side of the car where Dallas and her mother were sitting causing the car to flip over and glass from the windows to shatter slicing Dallas and her mother's face. Excruciating pain went through dallas' body, blood dripped out of the cuts and down her face. The car reversed back before slamming into the side of the car again before it drove off leaving them for dead. Dallas tried keeping her eyes open "mummy" she muttered, her eyelids kept opening and closing, she tried focusing on her parents. She watched as her mother became conscious. Her mother looked towards her husband seeing that he was not breathing, she placed her hand on her car seat unclipping it making her fall onto the shattered glass, cutting her legs. She looked towards the backseat seeing her daughter trying to keep her eyes open, she crawled towards Dallas. She held onto Dallas as she unclipped her, Dallas fell into her mothers arms. Dallas and her mother heard the sirens in the distance, her mother knew she wouldn't make it but she knew Dallas would because Dallas is a strong girl. Her mother placed Dallas in her lap whispering in her ear "Stay Strong baby girl, mother will always be here for you, in your heart and up above" Her mother laid down on the glass, Dallas cuddled into her mothers chest feeling warmth from it, her mother wrapped her arms around her little bird protecting her. Dallas closed her eyelids feeling herself go unconscious but the last thing she heard before fell unconscious was "I love you Dallas , my little bird" 

  Dallas' mother looked at her beautiful daughter with a smile, "I love you Dallas, my little bird' a few tear drops fell down her face mixing in with the blood. The sirens had gotten louder now but she knew they wouldn't come in time for her. She kissed Dallas' hair before she fell unconscious.   The ambulance and police got the the accident, they found Dallas and her mother cuddled up while her father had a bullet through his head and blood gripping down his face while he hanged upside down still buckled in his seat.    As the policed searched  the vehicle, a person wearing a black hoodie and black jeans watched from afar behind a tree. The person placed their phone against their ear .   "They're done"  
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