Me And My Life

This is MY life story. In some little ways and i'm here to share with you such events.


2. Chapter 1

I don't know much to start but I'll start from age 3 i had a maid or helper, her name was Michy. She was my best friend.. well closest helper. She spoiled me. Never scolded me once. Well the first time was when my sister spilled water on me and she blamed me. But it's okay. I remember I was so spoiled. I didn't recall making her cry but mother says I have. 

Anyway, I started school at the age of 4. Everyone else started at the age of 5 so i was also, the youngest. I met a girl named Nicole and she scared me to death since when you're in kindergarten you were crying because you didn't want to be separated from your mommy and she said hi to me after i stopped crying so you could say I hated her. 

After a long period of time, I opened up more to people. I met a girl named Jewel and Stella. They were my friends for a while until I met someone else. Her name was Isabelle. Isabelle was friends with Allison. And the three of us became friends sooner or later. Then I met my first rival. Isabel. Isabel is different from Isabelle. But me and Isabel would fight over Isabelle. So we were rivals. 

So let's say my friends were Isabelle and Allison. Well the ones i hang with a lot.


~~~~ PREP~~~~

As I graduated prep. Allison went to a different school and Isabelle moved to a higher grade. They said she was too smart for my level so we were just friends. So there I was lonely as ever in school. Then a girl asked me "Hey, wanna play pick and split?" And i said "sure" For those of you that have never heard of this game, it's like rock, paper scissors except if you lose the winner takes a foot back and the loser has to slide her right foot to reach the winner's foot. And the left foot of the loser can't be moved.


Me and Bam (the girl) instantly clicked. We were best friends. Then I met our batch's "Queen bee" April and her friend Louise. April would ask "Hey how much money do you have?" And i would say "50" and then she would ask for some and i'd tell her to wait but she'd just steal it from me. An I'm just like "Okay" and when I went home I told my mom. Guess what? She though I was EXAGGERATING! Like why would I do that? Then the next day she saw with her own eyes. And reported it. So I'm fine for now


~~~~ Grade 1 ~~~~

I'm a doormat so don't be surprised when someone takes advantage of me. Anyway I was elected class Secretary. And that STILL didn't stop April from bullying me. I was always the one she'd make fu of. But hey! I don't give a crap because I was classmates with Bam bam

~~~~ Grade 2 ~~~~

Was the time I was really girly. I liked these things that the girls liked. But I was different. I wasn't someone everyone liked. I was more of a social outcast if that makes sense. I was classmates with this one girl named alix. I didn't think much of her because we weren't close. Anyway lucky for me april wasn't in my class. But she was in Bambam's class. I freaking wanted to scream at april because she made my life..... hell? Well anyway I would forget to get my daily allowance from my parents and I'd always ALWAYS go to bambam because she'd have everything for me. Let's say she was the bestest friend ever. I was once on a journey to ask Bam if she can share her snacks with me on recess. I mean in recess you can do clearly anything you want. But nope April has to kill it by screaming and scolding all those who WANTED to play. She even made numerous people cry. She ordered someone to close the door and my fingers where there and it got squished in between and it bled hard. Then those two had to give me a written letter :P

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