The White Opera

In a world that’s falling apart, Lillia Jane seeks to find the light. Dancing is her soul and passion, but it isn’t always the answer to her problems. She witnessed the murder of her best friend Sophie and won’t be forgetting the feeling of isolation any time soon. Lillia’s parents have moved to Queensland for the summer so now it’s just her and her older brother Brian, as they embark on an amazing adventure through Sydney Australia.


6. Tips Please!


I make my way slowly downstairs for breakfast. There is a buffet with all kinds of cereals and hot breakfasts. I search the room for my brother but instead I see a guy around my age with wash blond hair and deep green eyes. Brian sees me and waves in my direction, I grab a bowl of coco-pops and walk steadily over to our table, acting as casual as possible and trying not to trip over my own feet. The boy’s stare follows me and I can’t suppress a smile.

I take a seat next to Tia and stare at my bowl. The only problem is…I don’t really want to eat, especially after dinner last night. “So what do we all want to do today?” Brian asks.

“Brian why are we even here? What are we going to do here in two whole weeks?” this whole trip was completely pointless to me, I have been wanting a holiday for q while now but this was too much. “We needed to get away for a little while. And besides…there are plenty of fun things to do.” he replies confidently, he was nervous, that much was true. Tia pat his back, a sign of appreciation for what he has done for us so far. She has nothing to do with this, whenever Sophie was over they would stare each other down, like two cowboys in the Wild West.

Tia retreats back to our hotel room to get properly dressed for the day and Brian then leaves to the reception room to look through a Sydney brochure, there were many tourist attractions, we just didn’t know where to find them all. So now I am left alone. Not the first time that’s for sure.

I stand up and the boy approaches me, “Hey, I’m Oliver.” he offers me his hand and I shake it nervously, “Uh, Lila.” I reply shyly, “Are you staying here?” I decide to make the first move because there was quite an awkward silence between us, “Nah my parents own this hotel so I am sort of permanently stuck here. What about you?” he seems interested, so I continue.

“I’m here for two weeks with my brother and his girlfriend.” we walk around the Hotel hallways and talk for 15 minutes and then he offers to walk me back to my room.

“Where were you?” is the first thing Brian asks when I come back, “Making friends like you wanted me to?” he relaxes a little then asks the question, “Who is it?” I tense up. Do I really want my older brother to know that I had an amazing 15 minutes with a totally breathtaking guy? Nope, “Just a girl who is staying on the top floor.” I say trying to hide the quiver in my voice when I think about Oliver.

“Well would she like to come out with us?” Brian can be really irritating when he wants to. All he does is ask questions. “No actually I think her parents are taking her to visit their grandparents today.” I lie, something I actually learned from Sophie.

We painfully walk to the Opera House, the first Sydney attraction that we decide to visit. I take my ballet shoes with me and put them on, twisting the white ribbons around my leg. Tia and Brian take off their shoes too and dip their feet in the water. I start to dance and the familiar feeling of being separated from the world overwhelms me. Suddenly I am one with the wind and all my worries and problems drift away.

I don’t realise for a while, but I am drawing a crowd. The masses of people who stop to watch me keep on increasing. It wasn’t until I hear a clink of money being dropped into one of my empty shoes that I open my eyes and see what is happening.

Brian and Tia have joined the crowd and are looking around at all the people in astonishment. Brian picks up one of my shoes and pours loads of tips onto the ground, coins and even notes. Tia stares at it for a moment then quickly gets out her purse and keeps them safe there. This was nothing like performing on the side of the street with your ten year old flute, it was purely dancing, no music or anything. I continue to dance, a gleeful smile appearing across my face. When I finally stop my routine the crowd claps and I bow slightly in gratitude.

A man is walking up to me, I hadn’t noticed him before now. He is wearing a very formal suit and his hear is neatly combed back, “Hello my name is Troye and I produce dance for the Saturday and Sunday Opera House ballet rehearsals and manage the performances.” wait what? Did I hear correctly? Managing ballet performances in the Opera House? “Um, my name is Lillia and I have been dancing for 6 years now.”

“Great we need some young blood, you are an amazing dancer Lilia. Would you be happy in accepting a role in our White Opera performing in 5 weeks? I’m sure the department would love you to join us?”

I look over my shoulder and see Brian thinking hard, “Can I?”

“That would mean we would have to stay longer. In Sydney, I mean.”

“Please! This is like a once in a lifetime opportunity.” that is when I realise again that I’m not a kid anymore. I can make my own decisions. I don’t need to ask my brother to join the White Opera! I turn back to Troye, “When do I start?”

“7 in the morning on Saturdays.”

“Great!” I grin and continue dancing after he leaves, ignoring my brother’s complaints completely. I am free from restraints and orders. But somehow, there still seems to remain an empty hole in the pit of my stomach.

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