The White Opera

In a world that’s falling apart, Lillia Jane seeks to find the light. Dancing is her soul and passion, but it isn’t always the answer to her problems. She witnessed the murder of her best friend Sophie and won’t be forgetting the feeling of isolation any time soon. Lillia’s parents have moved to Queensland for the summer so now it’s just her and her older brother Brian, as they embark on an amazing adventure through Sydney Australia.


13. Milkshakes and Pedicures


We sit down in a comfortable living area, Hannah lighting the fire as I look around at the huge room. It’s not just the area in the room that makes it spacious, but the big windows and high ceiling, making it especially cold.

“So how is Sophie?” she asks, her Emerald green eyes lighting up, why did she have to ask?
“Well, about that…you have missed lots while you have been gone. I’m actually surprised you didn’t see it on the news.” I begin.

“I don’t watch the news, I find it makes me depressed.” I hate how people just throw that word around like it is nothing. Depression is more than just hating the news. “My parents don’t either.”

“Then I guess you have the right to know-” I don’t know if I can do this, Sophie would want this though…or not. They never got on like a charm exactly, but I never knew why. “Sophie died. A few weeks ago.” I make it short. All I want is for Hannah to accept the truth. I need to accept the truth too, I can’t keep hiding like nothing happened. I need someone to talk to and Hannah is the only one left.

“N-no. She can’t. I would have known. How?” Hannah is shaking but not taking in the information. “A boy came into my house while she was there and stabbed her with scissors.”

She cringes, “What did he look like?” her face turns a shade of white.

“It was all a rush, I didn’t take in any specific details, maybe short black hair, tall, tanned, about our age?”

“He did it?” Hannah turns away from me, “He actually did it?” she is no longer talking to me, she is talking to herself.

“Hannah what are you talking about? Do you know the person who murdered her? Because I think Sophie knew him too, I am really confused and I just need answers, we can give the information to the police.”

She shakes her head but her eyes tell me otherwise, she looks scared. “Hannah if you know something you need to tell me, now.”

She bites her lip and sits down to steady herself, “Maybe not now, my father has security cameras everywhere. Wanna go shopping?” she can clear her mind quickly when it comes to shopping, and I have to admit, I wish I could do that.

We grab our bags and head out. “I say milkshakes and pedicures!” Hannah chants excitedly, it’s almost like she never heard the news I gave her. “So who is the boy?” she asks.

“What boy?” I blush

“Sweetie there is always a boy. Tell me all about him!”

“It is sort of complicated-” Hannah raises her eyebrows as if to say she can handle anything “His name is Lucas and I sort of like him but the thing is, he has a girlfriend. Well at least I think he does.”

“Sounds just like my cup of tea, go on.” As we are getting out pedicures done, I tell Hannah all about Oliver and Lucas and Brian and Tia, even my parents get dragged into the conversation. “Oh hon, things have been so tough for you! Are you free tomorrow? I might be able to distract you.”

“Actually my first dance rehearsals are tomorrow in the Opera House. But I’m sure we can hang out afterwards?”

“Sounds good! So does this milkshake!” Hannah hasn’t mentioned Sophie yet, but I’m sure the topic will arise soon enough. Just not today.

 “Now you need to give me the details!” I persist, “There is always something happening with Hannah Greenwood. Have you mended things with Jacob?” Hannah and Jacob broke up the day Hannah was leaving for Sydney, everyone thought it was because they didn’t want to deal with a long distance relationship. I think there was another reason behind it because Hannah had been head over heels in love with him since 6th grade.

“Never speak of his name again.” Hannah begins to tremble again but ignores it and continues speaking, “He is out of the question. But I have been keeping up with my studies and becoming the world’s biggest socialite.” 

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