The White Opera

In a world that’s falling apart, Lillia Jane seeks to find the light. Dancing is her soul and passion, but it isn’t always the answer to her problems. She witnessed the murder of her best friend Sophie and won’t be forgetting the feeling of isolation any time soon. Lillia’s parents have moved to Queensland for the summer so now it’s just her and her older brother Brian, as they embark on an amazing adventure through Sydney Australia.


9. Lucas


At around 1:00 Stephen calls across the other side of the house, “Lucas, you’re not grounded anymore.” a boy about a year older than me enters the family room, relief evident on his face. He continues to walk in and when he sees me and I see a flicker of amusement cross his crystal blue eyes. His hair is a dark brown, almost a shade of black. I am too busy examining him before I realise that I am staring.

“Hey.” his eyes pierce into mine. “Hey.” I try to find my words quickly.

“Lucas this is Lillia, she-” before Stephen can finish his phone rings, “that would be the police”

I look at him hopefully until he puts the phone down. It was Lucas’ turn to stare at me now. “Guess what?” Stephen asks me, “Turns out your friend Oliver is only fourteen, he is going into court tomorrow.”

“Excuse me?” I am taken aback. Oliver has lied to me, he claimed to be sixteen and I was trusting a fourteen year old who probably hasn’t even hit puberty yet! He was driving without a licence so how was he never caught?

Oliver is duplicitous and is never to be trusted again. He put me into complete danger and all so he could get out of his boring hotel! I begin to twist my fingers, a habit when I am stressed or nervous. Lucas does not drop his gaze which is starting to make me feel slightly uncomfortable. “It was pretty stupid of you to go out to a night club when you are only fifteen.” he remarks. What a jerk, after making the effort to take me back to his home last night, now all he can do is make fun of me?

“It’s not like you wouldn’t have done it if you had the chance.”

“Actually, that’s where you’re wrong. Unlike you, I am a responsible person.” he is enjoying himself, playing with me like a toy.

“Then why were you standing around the club at the same time as me?” I smile as a sign of triumph.

Lucas smiles too, he knows that he has been defeated, “None of your business.” that is where the conversation ends as Stephen comes back into the room. Lucas and I both sat back in our chairs and I return to twisting my fingers.

“Can I please go back to the Hotel?” the last thing I need is to be sitting here thinking about all of my life’s mistakes.

“Lucas would you drive Lillia home for me?”

“Sure.” Lucas grins and takes the keys, I am in for a long drive.

When we get in the car I ask, “Where is your mum?”

 “In America for a while.” he responds a little awkwardly, I don’t want to ask why she is there so I press onto a new question.

“So what do you do?”

“What do you mean?” he tilts his head in confusion.

“What do you like to do? You know…hobbies?” I twist my fingers even more, to the point where one of my knuckles cracks.

“I don’t really do anything. My dad really wants me to try football but I’m sure I’d end up in hospital after the first quarter.”

I laugh because there is nothing else to do. I look at Lucas carefully, he is definitely strong, but not board like most footballers. Lucas turns on the radio and strums his fingers on the wheel.

“What about you?” Lucas’ voice fills the short silence between us.

“Huh?” I was so busy looking at Lucas, I forgot what we were talking about before.

“What do you do?”

Dancing is the very first thing that comes into my mind but I blush just thinking about it because that is something that is so personal to me, I would only tell someone whom I completely trust. I danced straight after Sophie’s death and my chest tightens just at the thought.

“I don’t do anything either.” I respond quietly.

When Lucas arrives at the hotel he gets out of the car and walks me to the front lobby, “You didn’t have to do that you know.” I tell him.

“Anything for a pretty girl like you.” he flashes me a cheeky grin which makes me instantly smile, “Nice meeting you Lillia, I hope I see you around sometime.”

I couldn’t say anything, no one ever flirts with me. Sophie has always been the centre of attention back at our school. I turn around in embarrassment and leave Lucas to walk back to his car.

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