The White Opera

In a world that’s falling apart, Lillia Jane seeks to find the light. Dancing is her soul and passion, but it isn’t always the answer to her problems. She witnessed the murder of her best friend Sophie and won’t be forgetting the feeling of isolation any time soon. Lillia’s parents have moved to Queensland for the summer so now it’s just her and her older brother Brian, as they embark on an amazing adventure through Sydney Australia.


21. A White Funeral

A storm is forming outside, the light coming from the lamp on Hannah’s desk is warm and comforting. “Are you sleeping over tonight?” Hannah asks, handing me a hot mug of chocolate with a biscuit, “I’ve already set up a sleeping bag for you…unless you had plans with Lucas?”

“No actually he has a lot of weight on his shoulders at the moment. But I’m sure I can stay a night, but I don’t have any pyjamas.” I feel incredibly tired as it’s now 11:00 pm

“That’s fine, we are still the same size right? I think I have a spare pair for you.”
“Yeah we are the same size.” I respond, but looking at Hannah’s waist I can clearly see that she has lost some weight.

By the time we are settled, my eyes struggle to stay open, so eventually I just let them close in the middle of Hannah’s speech about the jocks at her school.

In my dream everything is completely white, just like my performance at the Opera House will look like. There is something strange about the setting thought, everyone around me is sad, everyone is mourning. I said that I would never come to Sophie’s funeral but now I was here. I have decided to come… this funeral is not full of blackness, it is filled with purity.

I walk over to the place that everyone is avoiding. The open coffin is made perfectly to suit Sophie’s curved shape. Her wavy blond hair is sprawled over the white cloth, her pale face looking like a china doll.
I jump when an angel appears on the coffin, looking down at Sophie’s corpse. I turn around, no one seems to notice that there is a large angel with extravagant wings on her back watching over everyone. God really does love me, this is his sign of showing his love. He has sent an angel to lead Sophie’s spirit peacefully to safety. “Thank you.” I say to the angel, not knowing if she would reply. I reach for Sophie’s hand and hold it, the angel smiles and I see a silver mist escaping the body, following the angel up to heaven.

I sit down, like everyone else and watch the priest as he prays for Sophie, there are some people here that I don’t even know. Then I see something astonishing, Sophie and her dad are standing, hand in hand by the altar. Sophie’s dad is happy, as is she, because they know that we will all be reunited someday, this is just the beginning for them.
Happiness overwhelms me, everything is going to be okay, just like Sophie had said at her deathbed. She knew all along that things would eventually turn out right.

It is 6:00 am when I wake up and I have to jump on Hannah to wake her up too. “Stop…I was having a good dream.”
“What about?” I ask interested, I can hardly remember mine but there are snippets that keep coming to mind.
“I had a dream about Sophie.” Hannah rolls her eyes, “I don’t think I am ever going to get over her.”
“It’s okay, I had a dream about her too. I just can’t remember most of what happened.”
“Lillia, I think there might be hope. I think that Sophie had always wanted us to be happy.” Hannah is smiling, it’s then when I realise that someone in my dream was smiling too, just as meaningful and genuine. God is now on my side until this all ends.


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