Reality Hurts (Luke Hemmings)

This is a story from my wattpad account so im not stealing it from myself.

Kristina Morris's life is pretty simple and uninteresting. She is a senior in high school and hasn't left Iowa since she was a toddler. An oppurtunity arises to see her favorite band (5SOS) and she snatches it faster than Fat Amy going for a cheesecake.

This has Little Mix and One Direction as not famous but 5SOS is.


9. 9. I Just Want to Know You Better

I stormed from the room completely embarrassed from both of the boys' behavior. I knew my face must've been tomato red because I could feel nothing but fire caressing my cheeks where Luke's hands had been.

"Kristina! Hey! Wait up!" I heard Niall calling after me. He sped up to me, catching my shoulder in his hand.

"Look, I'm sorry about what happened in there. My actions were inappropriate, I-" I held a hand up to stop him.

"Niall, you weren't even raising your voice. You were not out of line, Luke was. I want to apologize to you for his actions."

"I accept. I do want to get to know you better..." Niall took a step towards me, making the height difference between us greater. I looked down so I wouldn't have to stare up at his blue eyes.

"Niall... I don't think right nowis such a great time..." He forced me to look up with his forefinger under my chin.

"Kristina, I can wait for you. I will take as long as you need." I smiled lightly at him and gave him a quick hug. He held on longer than what I intended but I didn't really mind. His hugs were actually... Kind of nice. His cologne filled my nose as he pulled away.

"Do you want to get a room?" Luke asked. An entourage of nine year olds we're behind him holding up their phones, most likely recording the whole situation.

"Luke, why are you so protective of her? Its not like she could ever be with you. You're a celebrity and she is just an average girl from Iowa. You would never have the time to be there if she needs you, you can't be there to hold her when she is feeling down. You will not be able to take care of her the way I can." Niall stood in front of me, squaring his shoulders up. His appearance immediately changed from relaxed to defensive. Luke's eyes narrowed at Niall.

"I would make the time for her. I would fly her to see me and I would fly out to see her. I could buy her anything she wants whenever she wants it. Something a server at a restaurant cannot give," Luke spat. Niall's face remained calm but I could see the tension radiating through his body as his muscles flexed beneath his white shirt.

Luke seemed pissed with his hands balled into fists at his sides. His jaw clenched as he glared at Niall. I stepped between them to try and take their minds off of each other and on to me.

"You don't need to fight. Luke, Niall is right. You are a famous person and I'm a nobody in Iowa. I don't want your material things, it's nice but I do need someone to be there when I need them. If you would please understand." I begged Luke with my eyes. His stare on Niall faltered momentarily as he looked to me.

"You are choosing him over me?" He whispered. I shook my head.

"I'm not choosing anyone. I choose to see who I want and when I want to see them. I want to think about this but right now Luke, your life is too complicated for me. It's not like a fan fiction where I can join you on tour." Luke looked at me like he didn't know what I was talking about. Jade and Perrie became visible in my peripheral view.

"I'm going home and spending some time to myself. I will contact you when I have decided."

"If that is how you feel, Kris..." Luke turned and walked towards the room the meeting was made to be held in.

"I think we should go." Niall placed his hand on my shoulder. I nodded, still staring where Luke had left. Perrie and Jade came like security guards and pulled me away with Niall. They covered me from the kids with their phones.


Luke's POV

I plopped onto the sofa in the meeting room. Ashton sat next to me and pat my shoulder. The girls all came back into the room along with Michael and Calum.

"Are you and that girl dating?" One of the younger fans asked. I shook my head.

"I would rather not talk about this. I think it's time we leave." I stood and walked past everyone and made my way back to the dressing room. I retrieved my phone charger and water bottle then walked out of the dressing room and to the back entrance of the building. I got into one of our buses and climbed into my bunker.

I was laying in darkness for a few minutes before I heard a set foot steps ascending the bus' stairs. Who ever was on the bus made their way to my bed and pulled the curtain back.

"Look mate, don't let Kristi get you down. She is great but you might find someone else or just be friends for now. You might not want to start anything in the middle of our tour. Its just not a good time," Michael explained.

"I just want to sleep, but thanks." I reached behind me and closed my curtain. Kris thinks she could be mine someday but that day may be closer than she expects.


Kristina's POV

Perrie drove us to Jade's house to drop Niall and Jade off. It was an awkward and silent ride but thanks were given before they left.

As soon as we arrived at my house, Perrie didn't ask questions she just followed me to my room and removed her shoes. She crawled under my blankets as I changed in silence. I turned the light off and lie down with her.

"Krissy... You barely know them. While Luke is on tour, get to know Niall. When Luke settles for a bit, get to know him then," Perrie whispered after another few minutes of dark silence. I felt her moving, most likely laying on her side. I stared at my wall until sleep finally consumed me.

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