Reality Hurts (Luke Hemmings)

This is a story from my wattpad account so im not stealing it from myself.

Kristina Morris's life is pretty simple and uninteresting. She is a senior in high school and hasn't left Iowa since she was a toddler. An oppurtunity arises to see her favorite band (5SOS) and she snatches it faster than Fat Amy going for a cheesecake.

This has Little Mix and One Direction as not famous but 5SOS is.


8. 8. Jealousy

"Give me your eyeliner." I passed the small pencil to Perrie. We were both in my bathroom getting ready for the concert tonight. She already had enough eyeliner on and I'm pretty sure she's the only girl that can pull off the amount of liner she wears. She puckered her lips after applying another coat of make-up to her eyes and fluffed her hair a bit.

"Ready when you are, Krissy." She left as I finished curling my hair into loose waves down my back. I checked myself in the mirror and fixed my black and white crop top. I had high waist black shorts and Converse to match.

"Let's go, bro." I picked up my clutch with a long strap and pulled it over my shoulder. I pulled my keys out of it and made sure we had our tickets.

"They said they would give us our wristbands and passes at the concert." I confirmed aloud, making a mental checklist in ny head. I like to have everything planned and in a certain way, not having everything we need for the concert was a little unsettling.

I had decided I wouldn't bring Sophia to the concert. I knew she would love to see the boys but I'm afraid it would be too loud and I would have to be holding her the whole time. I felt bad but not having her come to the concert meant I could bring another friend. I didn't really have anyone else I knew that would want to go so I let Jade bring someone. I'm still not sure who she is bringing.

Perrie and I had 5SOS blaring in the car on the way to Jade's house. When we pulled up, I honked and Jade emerged from the house. She was followed by a tall guy that seemed about our age but I couldn't really see who he was.

"Are you guys as excited as we are?!" Jade asked as she got into the car. Perrie turned around enthusiastically and proceeded to fangirl with Jade.

"So who's your-" I was cut off by an Irish accent.

"Hey girls, long time no see," Niall, the server at the Cheescake Factory, said, buckling into the seat.


"Here, when we get to the window, all you need to do is show them your ticket and they'll give us all the special crap we need to get in the front row and backstage." I handed everyone a ticket as we walked to one of the six lines for the ticket windows.

"Hello," the woman behind the glass said when we finally reached her after a half hour. I nodded in response and slid my ticket into the slot. She scanned it on her computer and typed in a few keys. She pulled open a drawer to her right and pulled out a lanyard and a bright yellow wristband. A small printer to the left shot out a small card that read 'VIP' large on it. She slid the card into the pocket at the end of the lanyard and slid it to me.

"Wrist, please." She attatched the paper wristband around my arm. I thanked her and moved over so Perrie, Jade, and Niall could go through the same procedure but Jade took pictures as the worker did it. This added some time to our wait. I glanced at my phone.

We headed into the arena to find our seats that we wouldn't be sitting in the entire time. There was about an hour and a half until the actual concert started. We were to the right of the stage just a tad but had really great seats.

"Isn't this exciting?" I think Niall was going to fangirl the hardest out of all of us. I sat between Perrie and Niall, Jade on the other side of him. We all got on our phones and waited for the concert to start.

To: Jade

-So why did you bring Niall?? How did you even talk after the restaurant

From: Jade

-I had known him from my friend Jesy. After I found out about the whole thing with him being a fan I thought I should bring him

To: Jade

-Oh okay I see

From: Jade

-Plus he's hot!! ;)

To: Jade

-Haha tru

Jade and I sat forward after exchanging texts and we looked at each other, laughing. Niall looked between us with an eyebrow raised.

"What's so funny?" He asked.

"Nothing, nothing." Jade shook her head with a smile and sat back. We all went back to our phones.

I was playing 2048 when Niall nudged me on the left. I looked up at him and he whispered:

"You look beautiful, just wanted to let you know."

I thanked him quietly and he smiled charmingly. I half smiled back, stunned by his sudden compliment and I realized how gorgeous he actually was. I didn't really have the chance to look at him before at the restaurant because I was preoccupied with my idols.

"So how old are you?" He continued to whisper.

"17, turning 18 in June. And you?"

"20. Do you enjoy singing?" I was taken aback by this question.

"Uh... I suppose. Why?" I laughed a little uncomfortably, I didn't really show off my voice but I thought I was decent.

"Singing is my passion. I wanted to try out on the X-Factor a few years back but my father ended up catching a terrible sickness and I wanted to stay with him."

"Maybe you could show me sometime." I smiled. He returned it and went to his phone. I felt something move behind my shoulders and turned to my right and saw Niall's arm resting on my chair lazily. I peeked over at him and saw he hadn't looked up from his phone. I thought nothing of it and went back to my phone.

From: My Sista<3


To: My Sista<3


From: My Sista<3


I smacked Perrie's arm and accidentally leaned more into Niall in order to face Perrie. I guess he took this as an invitation to put his arm more on my shoulders than the chair. Perrie looked at his hand with wide eyes. She peered at me with and evil glance and made a circle with her forefinger and thumb on her left hand. She used her right forefinger to insert into the hole she had made while keeping a laugh down. I hit her repeatedly and she started dying in laughter.


"Let's have a HUGE hand for the one... The only... Ed Sheeran!" An offsite announcer shouted into a microphone. Everyone went crazy and all of us who had accumulated in the front row, stood up and quickly moved to the barrier about two feet from the stage. We were all screaming as Ed came onto the stage with a guitar strapped around him.


"Hey, hey! Hey, hey!" The beginning of 'She Looks So Perfect' began playing. Everyone got up again and screamed there heads off. The eleven year olds next to Perrie had the most shrill screams but Perrie was standing still and facing me. She had the most annoyed look on her face, causing me to burst into a  laughing fit.

I looked to the big screens on the stage as the intro to the concert began playing.


"Hands down, best concert I've ever been to!" Perrie skipped past me, towards the room we were told to go to after the concert. A couple other groups of fans, a group slightly younger than us and one who just left the second grade but wearing less clothes than Miley Cyrus, followed us to the room. They had all the passes we did and the group of young teens kept staring at Niall. He was oblivious as he talked with Perrie about the amazing concert. I shot them all glares that they ignored so I snaked my right arm through his left and held his bicep with my left hand. He turned to me surprised.

"Um... What are you doing?" He asked with a smile. I just smiled innocently at him and he went back to his conversation with Perrie. I looked back at the girls who had all been looking elsewhere now; the ceiling, the wall, the floor, or their phone. They were careful not to look at me. I mentally pat myself on the back.

"Here we are kids... Literally." Jade said looking at the younger girls. Perrie faced the man standing guard at the door and held her badge up to him proudly.

"We are here to see Five Seconds of Summer, sir!" She saluted him. He chuckled.

"At ease, soldier. If everyone could hold up their passes on the way in, it would be much appreciated," the guard said as he opened the door for us. Perrie skipped in first and I stepped through with Niall still in my arm. As soon as we stepped in the guys were all standing and talking with each other on the far side of the room. They saw Jade, Perrie and me and smiled. Luke waved at me then looked at my arm hooked in Niall's and his smile turned to a grim line on his face. His brows came together slightly. I immediately released his arm but Niall didn't notice. Luke stared at me even as he hugged Perrie.

I looked to the floor, somehow ashamed just by holding Niall's arm in front of Luke. Just the way he looked at me made me feel like I did something wrong. I moved to greet Ashton first because he was furthest from Luke.

"Where's the little Sophia?" He asked as he hugged me. I told him it wasn't that great of an idea to take a three year old to a rock concert. He agreed with a sigh of disappointment.

"Guess we'll just have to stop by tomorrow before we leave." He shrugged. I laughed thinking he was joking but he looked at me with sincerity.

I greeted Calum and Michael. I made it to the dreaded meeting with Luke. He hugged me which I returned.

"Are you dating him?" He whispered in my ear. I shook my head as we pulled away. He pulled something from his pocket and handed it to me.

"Don't open it here, who knows who will see." I nodded and put it in my clutch. It was a small slip of paper and a million thoughts ran through my head of what it might be.

"You guys did great tonight," Niall said as he placed his hand on the small of my back. Luke looked at his hidden arm and nodded.

"You aren't even dating, why do you touch her in that way?" Luke hissed. Niall's hand twitched slightly on my back.

"You two aren't dating either so I don't see why it's any of your business, Luke."  Niall said a little lighter than Luke'a tone but still not very friendly.

"Maybe we are." Luke grabbed my arm and jerked me forward to him and pulled my head to his and kissed me on the lips.

In front of everyone.

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