Reality Hurts (Luke Hemmings)

This is a story from my wattpad account so im not stealing it from myself.

Kristina Morris's life is pretty simple and uninteresting. She is a senior in high school and hasn't left Iowa since she was a toddler. An oppurtunity arises to see her favorite band (5SOS) and she snatches it faster than Fat Amy going for a cheesecake.

This has Little Mix and One Direction as not famous but 5SOS is.


6. 6. #Selfie

Luke's POV

"We are supposed to be there in 15 minutes, guys. Could you all please at least put shirts on?" I have been ready for the past few hours. I actually got to go out for a few minutes with my sunglasses and beanie on before getting mobbed. The rest of my foolish band were still in pajamas when I returned around eleven.

It was now 12:15 and Ashton was running around shirtless with ripped skinny jeans on his bottom half.

"Why are you in such a rush, mate? It's not like an interview or anything important," Michael said. He was lying on the couch to my right, I crossed the room to thump him in the head. "Eh! What was that for?"

"It is important, especially for... Kristina, who won this whole contest. Did you see how much work she put into being able to spend a few hours with us? A lot to hang with four stupid boys from Australia. This is very important." I returned to the opposite sofa which was smaller than the one Michael was laying on.

"You're right... Sorry," Michael mumbled. He got back on his phone and started typing something.

"Do we even know what this girl looks like?" I heard Calum call from the bathroom, where I assumed he was doing his hair.

"Not really," Ashton said getting into the mini fridge that was hidden by a cabinet door.

"I'm sure she looks fine. Ashton what are you doing? We're about to go to the Cheesecake Factory. For the love of God... Put on a damn shirt! We need to be leaving just about now." I stood and headed for the door. "Let's go!" I opened and waved my arm through the door to get the lads moving a bit. Michael groaned reluctantly but got up, still on his phone typing. Ashton found a t-shirt lying on the floor and sniffed it, shrugged his shoulders, then pulled it over his head. Calum emerged from the bathroom as Ashton passed me, Calum jogged through the door I was holding. I shut it behind me and walked down the hall to the elevator. The hallway was more of a balcony and I could already hear the screaming girls waiting in the lobby.

"Ready?" One of our bodyguards asked as we reached the first floor. Michael shoved his phone into his pocket and Calum stopped running his fingers through his hair. As soon as the elevator doors opened, we heard the screams explode.


"Worst part of the job right there," Ashton sighed as the car pulled off. We had been squeezed past the giant group of girls that had accumulated outside our hotel since we had arrived. I always hated getting every part of my body groped, slapped, sometimes even licked. I hope it won't be this bad when we get to the restaurant.


"Who tweeted where we were?" I asked, glaring at the girls at the front door. Luckily the restaurant was located in a mall and there were other entrances but who knows how many fans are actually inside.

"Not me," Michael closed his eyes and leaned his head on Ashton's shoulder.


"I didn't tweet about it..." I heard Calum mumble.

"Instagram?" Ashton questioned. Calum shrugged.

"I'm not answering whether or not I uploaded a 'Cheesecake Factory bound' selfie in the bathroom... If that's what you're implying," he replied innocently.

"Could you pull us around to the opposite side of the building, please?" I asked the driver. I turned to the boys. "We will just have to walk through the mall." Ashton smacked Calum lightly on the back of the head. Calum just smacked him back.

"When you look good, mate, you have to take a pic. That is the rule and you know it." Michael nodded in agreement. I just shook my head as the car stopped. We waited for our security to come around and open the door for us as an 'all clear.' Michael was first out, then Calum, Ashton, and I trailed behind. We were quickly swept inside and through the mall. We had a couple of strange glances but nothing until we were almost to The Cheesecake Factory doors.

"OMGEEEEEE! We are like, you're biggest fans!" Two blond, young teens stepped in front of me. "Could we get a picture with you?" 

"Sure," Michael replied, moving closer to the girls.

"Umm... Only Luke..." The second blond said. The rest of my band looked taken aback for a moment but nodded and started continuing on. I grabbed Ashton's arm, since he was closest to me, causing him to stop.

"Look girls, I'm glad you are fans but I am in a band for a reason. We are a package deal," I said with a gentle pat on the first blond's shoulder. I started walking with Ashton's arm still in my hand. My band was following me silently for a while until we reached the doors.

"Ooh, Luke the lady killer," Ashton said. We all laughed, I let go of his arm to open the door. We made it to the front of the restaurant and asked for our table.

"It looks like some of the party has already arrived, are you aware?" The lady at the front asked.

"Yeah... uh... Who is it?" Calum asked. Anyone could've walked in here and claim to have won this little contest but really just plot to kill us. Maybe...

"Three girls about your age and a toddler, sound familiar?"

"Do you have a name for them?" Our security stepped in.

"Yes." The woman pushed a few buttons on the small computer screen in front of her. "Kristina Morris and three guests have signed in."

"Yeah, that's them," Michael confirmed. We were led back a ways to a little area of tables that were slightly elevated. We approached and a pretty blond wearing a lot of eyeliner looked up at us and smiled. I usually don't like a lot of make-up on a girl but she seems to pull it off. 

"Where are our drinks?" Calum asked as he eyed the table. There was another very pretty girl that faced us with skin that was darker than the blond's but not too dark. The toddler at the end of the table covered her face with a stuffed bear. Finally, the most beautiful girl at the table turned to us. Her hands moved to cover her mouth and tears brimmed her already sparkling hazel eyes. Her long, dark hair complimented her olive skin and hazel eyes perfectly. 

"Which one of you is Kristina? Is it you, love? Did you paint that wonderful picture?" Ashton asked the toddler, kneeling down to her level. She gave a little laugh and shook her head, he smiled. "No? Then who is it?" Her finger poked out from behind the bear and was aimed towards the crying girl.

"That art was amazing!" Calum stepped towards her. "Aww... Don't cry." He reached for her hand and pulled her up into a hug. I felt a little stirring inside but thought nothing of it. I didn't even know her.

"C'mon boys, this talented lady needs some cheering up!" Ashton said and stood up to wrap his arms around the two of them. Michael and I joined the group hug, my hand finding her shoulder and squeezing lightly.

"I'm fine guys, thank you. You can call me Kristina or Kristi," Kristi said, kind of shrugging us off. We stepped back and awkwardly stood there for a moment. "So... That's my little sister, Sophia." She pointed to the toddler that came out from her bear but immediately shielded herself when we all looked at her.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Ashton," he said, causing her to laugh.

"Don't be rude, what do you say?" Kristi frowned at Sophia.

"Nice meetin' you," Sophia's small voice sounded so weak and cute. If I hadn't known they were sisters, I would've thought Kristi was Sophia's young mother.

"The pleasure's mine." Ashton smiled at Sophia.

"This is Jade, my friend." We all moved around to hug the darker skinned girl.

"I just love you guys so much, you are my idols and you are all so beautiful," Jade said as we passed on our hugs. We thanked her and moved to sit down. I sat between Luce and Jade, Michael on the end of the table, Calum sat in front of Jade, Ashton sat in front of Kristi, obviously to be next to Sophia.

"And that's Perrie, my other friend." We all looked at her expecting her to react but she didn't. "Perrie... Perrie Edwards!" Kristi whispered loudly to her.

"Sup?" was all the blond said before looking back at her menu.

"Really? You've waited so long to meet them and all they get is a 'Sup'?" Jade asked.

"Well, you see Jade, this is my plan. If I don't look at them for too long I won't break down in a fangirling fit. This is my way of 'keeping my cool'." Perrie turned the page.

"Well how do you expect to not even hug us, I mean, look at us... We are freaking adorable," Michael gestured to all of us.

"Should I?" Perrie asked, looking to Kristi.

"Prepare yourselves boys," Kristi  said, nodding.

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