Reality Hurts (Luke Hemmings)

This is a story from my wattpad account so im not stealing it from myself.

Kristina Morris's life is pretty simple and uninteresting. She is a senior in high school and hasn't left Iowa since she was a toddler. An oppurtunity arises to see her favorite band (5SOS) and she snatches it faster than Fat Amy going for a cheesecake.

This has Little Mix and One Direction as not famous but 5SOS is.


3. 3. Wrecking Ball

To: My Sista<3

-My house at 5

I locked my phone and put it in the back pocket of my skinny jeans. I invited Perrie over so she could help me find out was I was going to do for the contest. I needed to start as soon as possible so I have a longer time to perfect it.

I half-jogged to my car and quickly pulled out of the school lot. My last hour just ended and I had yoga after school. I drove to my gym and changed then grabbed my mat once I was inside. My thick brown hair was whisked quickly into a bun atop my head as I entered the yoga class. 
I was already ten minutes late.


As I combed my wet hair, there was a knock on my bedroom door. I pulled off my towel and shrugged into my robe.

"If it's Perrie, come in. If you're a rapist, I have a knife," I threatened. I heard Perrie laugh as she walked in.

"I think only you would say that, Krissy. So, how are your art ideas coming along?" She asked sitting on my bed and crossing her legs.

"Well, I feel like my strengths are in charcoal or watercolor. I have painted a mural before... You know, that one on the side of the orphanage?"

"Duh. How could I forget? It's all you would talk about when they first asked you to do it. Maybe they think that bigger is better so you should probably make another one of those. The one you made looks awesome BTDubs," she said. I bowed jokingly but bit my lip as I went to my closet to find pajamas.

"Well who's going to let me paint a mural of 5SOS on the side of their building?" Perrie looked lost in thought as she started stroking an invisible beard. Her pointer finger flew towards the ceiling as her eyes widened.

"Ooh I know! How about that old factory downtown! It's a total eye sore and they are about to knock it down anyways. You probably just have to ask or something and I bet they would let you." She laid back on the bed while putting her arms behind her head and looked at me like she was the smartest person alive. "You're welcome."

"Alright, I guess I could try that but what would I put on it?" I asked.

"Probably... Oh I don't know... Maybe the band you're making it for!" Her sarcasm was strong as ever.

"Duh but I mean what pose should they be in? Or should it be in color or black and white? Should I maybe put some of their lyrics up there too?" I pulled an old t-shirt over my head that fell about mid thigh. I grabbed a pair of Nike shorts but they were covered by the large shirt.

"I could think of a couple poses..." Perrie said as she wiggled her brows at me. I rolled my eyes and laid on the bed next to her. "You know I'm only kidding... Kind of. But you should just scale it out tomorrow and see if anything comes to mind." I l peeked over at her and she was looking at me expectantly. I sat up and held my arms open towards her. She sat up too and hugged me tightly. "I know you're going to win this thing. Nobody in this state is as talented as you are, Krissy." I gave her a small squeeze.

"Thanks Pear Bear. You always know what to do." I pulled away from her and smiled. "You gonna stay over?"

"Oh actually I had plans to go out with Zayn..." She said slowly as she turned away from me and started standing.

"Oh... okay. I just thought since its Friday and everything... I mean you always stay over Friday's but that's okay..." She looked over her shoulder at me. I pouted my lip out slightly and looked up at her while fluttering my eyelashes.

"Pft! You look so dumb!" She burst out laughing. I acted hurt but we say that kind of thing to each other all the time. "I don't have plans! Since when did I have a life? Ha! Zayn still probably thinks of me as a creepy stalker in his Spanish. But we are getting up bright and early to get you permission to paint your idols on that factory. Kapeesh?" I nodded with a smile as she reached into her bag for her pajamas.


"Well you see, that old building is coming down in a month or less so-"

"That's perfect! The contest ends in a month as of yesterday so the mural will be done, we take pictures, you and your team come in like a wrecking ball and BOOM!" The owner jumped. "Everything is knock-knock good-good," Perrie finished.

The owner of the land looked dumbfounded but soon regained his business appeal. He leaned back in his chair and tapped his fingers on the arm. He was a larger man So the chair let out a small squeak as he settled.

"I don't see where there is a problem with this plan but-"

"Oh thank you Mr. Berton! You don't know how much this means to my friend!" Perrie stood from the front of his desk and leaned over and picked his right hand up, shaking it violently.

"ONE condition!" He raised his voice slightly so Perrie would chill the fuck out. She took the hint and Sat down again but continued smiling widely at him.

"I want you out of there with your paint cans and all of your supplies, by the time our demolition team get to it or we'll sue. Got it?" He looked at me.

"Yes sir, not a problem. Thank you so much for letting me do this and meeting with us today." I hold my hand out as I stand up. He stands as well and takes my hand, gives it a shake with a small nod.

"Now please leave before your blond friend attacks me again and I call security." Mr. Berton straightened his suit and tie. Perrie just laughed maniacally and walked out of his office. I smiled apologetically as I quickly went after her.

"You get to paint on the building! I'm so happy for you!" She said as she hugged me in the hallway.

"Thanks but next time we meet with someone of importance, don't talk."

"Hey! I helped-"

"Ch! Don't speak! At all. Believe it or not but you can really freak people out sometimes." She looked astonished.

"Me? Freak other people out? I think you have me confused with my twin, Perra. She's one cuckoo-kachu." Perrie drew a circle in the air towards her temple. I just rolled ny eyes and took her arm.

"C'mon Perra, before our friend Mr. Berton calls security."


I stared up at my painting so far and saw I was almost finished. It was getting darker so I took my phone out and snapped a few pictures before putting my gloves back on and started to clean up.

I threw all of my supplies in my trunk and headed home for the day. Might as well clean everything up, I only need another few days to perfect it but I technically had another full week until the contest ended. I sighed in content as I pulled away and blasted 'Heartbreak Girl'.


My alarm went off at 5:00 then next morning. It's Saturday and here I am, getting up at the butt crack of dawn. I groaned and dragged myself out of bed. I dressed and trudged downstairs as I braided my hair down my back. My short layers caused a few strands to fall in my face but I was too lazy to pin them back.

"Oh honey, you look cute," my mom said when I came into the kitchen to get cereal. I glared at her as she sat at the island and took a sip of her coffee. She always gets up early to read the newspaper in the quiet of morning. She says that's when it's most peaceful.

"Hardy-har-har mother. You're so funny," I said sarcastically. She just chuckled and came over to kiss my cheek.

"Hurry home today, I have a surprise for you when you get back. I'm going out with Jenine this morning but I will be back around one so I expect you shortly after." She refilled her coffee and put a lid over it. "Do I make myself clear, Kristina Grace?"

"I don't know, are you invisible?" I asked. She pulled my braid playfully but I still winced like it hurt.

"I mean it."

"Yeah, yeah. Soon after one. Bye Mom." She waved as she left through the garage. I finished my cereal and left shortly after her.


"What the literal fuck?" I mumbled as I came up to the old building. There were yellow construction hats seen all over and a crane next to the half demolished building. I parked and jogged to a man who looked to be directing a group of men.

"HEY!" I shouted above the noise. He turned and started pushing me away from the building. I was trying to resist but he was much stronger than I was. "What the hell?!" I asked as soon as he stopped restraining me.

"This is a demo site and you can't be around here at the moment. You're not authorized," he said, tapping on his hard hat. He turned away and began to head back to his little posse.

"But I was working on my mural! I had another few days! Why are you here so early?!"

"This demo has almost been planned for two months now, sorry kid." He left me standing there in shock as I watched the crane reach down and knock over my painted wall.

Five Seconds of Summer turned to dust and debris at the feet of the construction workers.

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