Reality Hurts (Luke Hemmings)

This is a story from my wattpad account so im not stealing it from myself.

Kristina Morris's life is pretty simple and uninteresting. She is a senior in high school and hasn't left Iowa since she was a toddler. An oppurtunity arises to see her favorite band (5SOS) and she snatches it faster than Fat Amy going for a cheesecake.

This has Little Mix and One Direction as not famous but 5SOS is.


2. 2. My Time To Shine

"Harry? When the hell did you get in this class? You haven't been in this class all year, plus you are a Senior taking a Freshman class! Do you know how stupid you look?" I questioned him and put my phone away.

"It turns out I needed an extra credit and this class just happens to give one for a semester. I also joined to be closer to you," he replied, wiggling his eyebrows. "So maybe you could give me a little help catching up tonight at Zombie Burger?"

Although I broke up with Harry at the beginning of this year after dating during the summer, he never gave up on trying to get back together. He was so rude when we were dating and at the moment its the only thing I can think of. I really did love Zombie Burger though...

"Oh sure we can go! Wait, are you going to make me pay for my own food again? Or are you going to ask me to pay for yours as well? Maybe you might want to take whoever it was who took up all your time on the phone all those other times we went out together... You're sort of a douche and I don't want to go with you. But thanks for the offer." I heard some of the Freshman in the room 'ooh'ing and whispering while staring at the small scene Harry and I were creating. Harry seemed taken aback but I knew he would have to have the last word, like he always did.

"Yeah, okay. You know that I was only talking to her for fun and I didn't have a job this summer. C'mon Kris, I have changed since then and you know I have."

"How would I know if you won't go and do something 'for fun' right under my nose? Sorry Harry but you can't teach an old dog new tricks."

"Whatever Kris... You know we-"

"Alright Mr. Styles, please take a seat in the very back of the room. I'm done listening to your small soap opera and wish you not to continue in my class. Consider yourself blessed to have been accepted so near the end of the year." Mr. Z intrerupted. A smirk played on my lips as I watched him stride quickly to the back of the class. As he turned I saw his cheeks were a light shade of pink and I heard a small group of Freshman girls giggle as he sat down next to them. I chuckled and folded my arms across my chest.

"Please get out your art journals! Its Friday and everyone knows what that means..." I said loud enough for the entire room to hear. I always took over the beginning of class and walked around the tables sometimes with Mr. Z. He tells me he is still trying to wake up in the morning so I have to help him out some.

"Doodle Day!" A chorus of Freshman said.

"Kristina, if you can hear me, it's too quiet in hear," a student whispered a few minutes later as everyone was working. I smiled and turned the radio on.

"Kris! Please come here!" I heard Harry whisper-shout to me. I sighed but made my way over.

"What is it?" I asked, placing my hands on the table in front of him.

"What does 'Doodle Day' mean?" He asked with a cute look in his green eyes, almost like a lost puppy... No! Not cute! Ugly green eyes that are like algae growing mold because Harry is not good. I pointed to the wall with the classroom rules on it.

"Ask three, then ask me." I turned and headed back to my small desk. I got my phone out and quickly texted Perrie.

To: My Sista<3


From: My Sista<3


I laughed quietly and looked up at the class. There was some Freshman girl all over Harry, pointing at an open notebook on the table in front of him. I couldn't hear what she was saying because everyone else was talking and the music was playing. He said something causing her to throw her head back and laugh as she hit him on the arm. She flipped her blonde hair over her shoulder as her hand lingered on his bicep. He looked over and saw that I was watching this scene unfold and his eyes widened like he was scared.

'HELP ME,' he mouthed. I started fluttering my eyelashes and flipped my hair over my shoulder a few times. I pretended to giggle and slap the air and squeeze it like it was his arm. He frowned at me as I laughed to myself. I went back to my phone before I heard the announcer on the radio say something that cought my attention.

"We all know Five Seconds of  Summer are coming into town soon and we want all you fans to have a chance to meet them! All you have to do is send us your best fan art! It can be a drawing or you can put something together on the computer if you want. Whatever you fancy! This contest ends in one month as of today! See details on our website at..."

I sat in my seat, my mouth partially opened in shock. This was my area of expertice and I wasn't going to let it go.

"Ms. Morris, you might want to close your mouth before something crawls in and makes it a home," Mr. Z said. I snapped out of my daze and shut my mouth. I pulled out my closest notebook and started writing down some ideas for what I would do.

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