Reality Hurts (Luke Hemmings)

This is a story from my wattpad account so im not stealing it from myself.

Kristina Morris's life is pretty simple and uninteresting. She is a senior in high school and hasn't left Iowa since she was a toddler. An oppurtunity arises to see her favorite band (5SOS) and she snatches it faster than Fat Amy going for a cheesecake.

This has Little Mix and One Direction as not famous but 5SOS is.


10. 10. Our First 'Get Together'

"You look great, Kristina," my mom complimented me. She was sitting on the couch and took me in as I walked down the stairs. I had my first date... Well, friendly get-to-know each-other-better little meeting, with Niall. I wanted to be a little more "fluffy" today so I was wearing a light coral dress that was just above my knees with brown gladiator sandals. I had my hair braided loosely to the side, letting a few curls fall around my face.

"Thanks but I really need to get going. Its almost noon!" I began rushing for the door but stopped as I was hopping down the porch steps. I returned to my house and poked my head in the door.

"Could you grab my purse off the table for me? I might need to pay for my lunch."

"Oh, yeah." She got up and went into the kitchen. Returning with my purse and a kiss good bye, I finally left. I was at Latin King (A/N: The restaurant) in fifteen minutes. Our get-together was reserved for 12:30 and I hate being late, almost as much as the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.

"I believe their is a reservation for two at 12:30, under Horan," I told the man at the front. He checked his monitor and swiftly found it and led me to a table near the door. I sat down and ordered a water while I waited. I checked my phone and found four new texts.

From: My Sista<3

-Hey girl, hope you have fun!! But don't get too crazy lol

From:My Sista<3

-If you know what I mean ;)

From: Luke :)

-hey kris just want to see how you are doing

From: Luke :)

-also we are off of tour in three months. please be patient

I put my phone away after checking the time. Niall was supposed to be here five minutes ago.


"Glad you could finally join," I said sarcastically as I sipped from my third glass of water. My eyes followed Niall as he made his way quickly to my table. He looked upset and a little disoriented.

"Kristina, I'm sorry I'm late. I was with my brother in the hospital, he just broke his ankle but he's fine," Niall said as he took a seat across from me.

"Out of all the lame excuses of being late, that had to be the best," I said, kind of annoyed he made me wait for an hour.

"It's not an excuse, Kristina. Here, I have pictures." He took his phone out of his pocket and showed me a young man lying on a hosptital bed with his leg wrapped in a fresh cast. He had a weak smile and both of his thumbs were up. He had brown hair that was astray, he was handsome and probably because he looked like Niall.

"Oh... I'm sorry. I had no idea-" Putting his phone back in his pocket, Niall waved away my apology.

"It's fine, I don't think I would've waited myself," he chuckled. I laughed along with him.

"How about we order now?" I was very hungry and not afraid to eat what I please in front of him.

"Yeah, 'course. You want to hear what happened to my brother?" Niall asked as I called for our waiter. I nodded, sort of interested in the accident. He began going on about how his brother, Greg, had been taking a bike ride down his drive and ran into his mailbox. His ankle twisted beneath him as he fell onto it. It got tangled with the bike and was crushed by his own weight.

"Okay, maybe telling the story wasn't such a great idea before we eat pasta." I laughed.


"I was thinking, if you aren't busy, maybe you want to see a movie at the mall?" Niall asked after we argued over who would be paying for my meal. (He won).

"I don't have anything planned," I said grabbing my purse. He smiled and went to the door to hold it open for me. His hand found its way to the small of my back as he walked me to my car.

"Do you want to just take my car? I can drop you off here after its over," He stopped by my door.

"Uh... I better take my car. I have some errands to run by there anyways." He nodded and strided quickly to his car. I know Niall is a good guy and everything but I want to really know him before being alone in the car with him. I have had bad experiences in the past and don't want to get an anxiety attack with him.

It took about ten minutes to reach the mall and I did a quick lip gloss check before getting out. I read in a Seventeen magazine that guys don't really like kissing girls with lip gloss on. That was my intention; to not get kissed today.

"Hey, stranger." I said as Niall opened the mall door for me. He smiled and we made our way to the movies. With him talking about the squirrel he almost hit on the way here, he bought my movie ticket but I bought us a large popcorn and drink, which cost about the same. Well... Not really I'm just saying it's expensive nowadays.

"Ready for this? I've heard its a brilliant movie, really touching." I got to choose where we sat so we were sitting at the very top of the theater, right below the projector. I know you could have more movie if you moved down a few rows but I hated being stuck in front of an annoying child that repeatedly kicked the back of my seat.

"Yeah, I heard all good things." I smiled. We were seeing 'Heaven Is For Real' and I read this book so I hope it's just as good.

"Looks like we made it just in time too." Niall sat back and looked to the lights on the walls that were dimming for the previews.


"So, about halfway through the movie he tried to hold my hand but I wouldn't let him. He said he understood but put his arm around me instead. When we were leaving he went in for a kiss and I moved so he kissed me on the cheek instead," I said into my phone. I was eating Twizzlers while laying on my bed, talking to Perrie. She was upset I wouldn't let her come to spy on us so I promised every detail after.

"Beware the frozen heart!" Perrie sang into the phone. I laughed.

"Damn girl, you're friendzoning hard!"

"I'm not 'friendzoning' him, I am keeping it as a friendship for now so I can keep my options open just in case someone gets off tour in three months..."

"Three months?! Do you understand that is like three years in boy world? Poor Niall, having to wait so long... But I feel for you, hun.Its like having to choose between Zayn, you know if he talked to me, and I don't know... God. I mean there are millions of girls in the world that already think they're going to marry Luke. He's a pretty big deal but he's gorgeous and crazy talented. Niall I know is beautiful and has an accent as cool as Luke's but I mean, it's Luke 'effin Hemmings for Godwin's sake! A famous person likes you! Out of all of the fish in the sea, he chose you!"

"You see, Pear Bear, You just argued for both sides. You didn't help me at all," I threw the candy off of my bed and got under the covers.

"I'm sorry Krissy, you're on your own." Perrie hung up and I set my phone on my bedside table. I plugged it into the wall and lay in my bed for a while. Staring at the ceiling, I thought, maybe having to wait three months is too long but when do I get this opportunity again?

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