"Why do you always do that?" He asks, his voice raising a little while throwing his hands up.

"Do what?" I snap back.

"Push everyone away?" He says softer this time.

"Because it's easier for when they leave me." I say barley above a whisper.


5. I Called Dibs Along Time Ago.

I sit on the couch and take out my phone and go on twitter.

I scroll through it, getting bored super fast. I feel someone sit beside me and I see Ashton's face glance at my screen, I raise an eyebrow at him.

"Can I help you with something?" I ask and he jumps a little and I half smile.

"Oh. Nope. Just looking." He says then looks away and on to his own phone. I lightly shake my head and roll my eyes.


"Rene. Hello." Calum says as he sits on me and spreads his legs out on to Ashton who pouts and playfully glares.

"Hello to you Calum." Ashton says sarcastically with a fake smile then he frowns and goes back to his phone.

"Right. So Rene........ You and Lucas.... Eh?" He says nudging me with his elbow. I narrow my eyes and push him off my lap and on to the ground which earns a burst of laughter from Ashton.

"What the hell was that?" Michael asks walking over to the chair.

"Rene's being a big old meanie and pushed me off her. Help me up Mikey! Pweaze!" Calum says stretching out his arms toward Michael who looks at him like he's on crack.

"Not gonna happen." Michael says grabbing the control and turning on the xbox.

All of a sudden Luke walks in and smiles as he runs over and sits on Calum, which makes him groan.

I snicker and Calum sticks his tongue out at me.

"Luke, get your fat ass off me before I become one with the damn floor." Calum says trying to push Luke off him.

I roll my eyes and I get a text from my aunt.

'Hey I hope your behaving and we'll be driving all night so get comfy. Love you and have fun, but not to much fun ;)' ~ Aunt Lou.

I scrunch up my nose in disgust. That's just nasty, on so many levels.

I reply, 'Yeah that's never gonna happen. I rather stab forks into my eyes then have 'fun' with any of them.' ~ Me

I lock my phone and I see that Luke and Calum are both on the love seat cuddled together.

I see Michael about to play another round so I grab the other controller and join the game. He looks at me with a confused expression mixed in with amusement.

"Gonna start now Michael?" I ask getting annoyed and he just keeps staring at me like I'm a science experiment gone wrong.

He blinks a couple times before nodding and starting up the game.













"How the fuck?!" Michael yells as he loses, yet once again. We got bored with playing on the same team so we're now going against one another while the other boys watch. It's around 4:45pm now. We've been playing for a long time now.

And FYI I just beat Michael for the 7th time.

"She just whooped your ass mate. And beat your high score." Calum says then looks at me. "Your queen." And Michael turns to me and looks at me with pure adoration, I at least think that what it is.

"You. Are. Fucking. Amazing. Marry me. Now." Michael says eyes wide and I raise my eyebrows as the other guys start to laugh but try to cover it off with a cough. Michael glares at them but his eyes soften as he looks back at me.

"Um, not gonna marry anyone, I'm only 17." I say and he pouts but then smiles.

"Yeah but that doesn't mean we have to get married now, we could wait till your legal." He says and I seriously hope he's not serious about marrying me.

"Michael, your not marrying her." Luke says rolling his eyes at the older member.

"And why not?" He asks crossing his arms and pouts.

Luke sighs, "Because she's to young, she doesn't want to get married, she doesn't want to marry you, and your, well, you."

Michael gasps and I bite my lip from laughing.

"How dare you! We had a fucking future planed and now you just had to ruin it! Good going Lucifer!" Michael shouts at Luke and I just noticed that Calum and Ashton are silent for the whole thing.

"Well sorry Mikey. But since she doesn't want you, maybe Ashton will want to marry you." Luke says shrugging his shoulders and Ashton looks at him like he's crazy.

"Ash-" Ashton cuts him off. Don't blame ya there Ash,

"Um, no thanks. I may be almost 20 but I don't want to marry anyone right now. Plus I got Calum. Marry Luke." I lean back in the couch watching this all play out.....

"No can do. I have Calum. I called dibs along time ago you fire truck. You marry Michael." Luke says as he throws his arms around Calum who looks surprised and he just came out of a daze. Which wouldn't surprise me if he actually did.

"No thanks. I'll-"

"Why doesn't anyone want to marry me?!" Michael yells out as they both shut up and look at Mikey who actually looks kinda hurt.

I guess I should start being nice and I'll start with doing this. I know I'll regret it later on....

"I'll marry you Michael." I say and they all look at me like I grew another damn head.

He looks at me with a hopeful expression. "Really?! You'll marry me?"

I inwardly sigh and nod my head as his smile grows.

He jumps on to the couch beside me and throws his arms around me and I freeze, unsure of what to do next.

He looks at me and then kisses my cheek making my eyes widen along with the other boys.

"Okay. Well, I'm in a good mood so I'll go get us some yummy food." He says grinning like a fool.


"Yes dear Ashton?"

"We're on the highway still, driving."

"Oh....... Well fuck you. I was in a good mood and now I want to beat you. Thanks a lot Ash." Michael says groaning and sitting back down beside me with a frown.

I gently pat his head and he cracks a smile at me. I give a small smile back then I pull my hand away and he grabs it making me really wonder about him and how serious he took me saying I'll marry him.

I really don't want to marry Michael.... No offence.

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