"Why do you always do that?" He asks, his voice raising a little while throwing his hands up.

"Do what?" I snap back.

"Push everyone away?" He says softer this time.

"Because it's easier for when they leave me." I say barley above a whisper.


4. Him On Top.

I walk down the path and I see a little girl on a swing, pumping her legs back and forth trying, but failing miserably at it. She has dark black hair that flows behind her as the wind sweeps around us, making my own blue hair fly around me.

The scene changes and now I'm in the middle of a giant field and she's on another swing that's attached to a big lonely tree with big green leaves on it.

I slowly make my way over to her even though I don't feel my feet moving. Almost like I'm floating.

Just as I'm right behind her, as she's only like, 3 feet away from me.

She all of a sudden stops swinging and jumps off and turns to me.

Her eyes are bright blue, kinda like Barbie's.

She meets my eyes and smiles, showing little teeth and I can't help but smile back.

"Hi there." I say but I can't feel my lips move.

She just giggles and runs away. I blink as she turns around laughing as she motion for me to follow her.

I chuckle and shake my head laughing. I run after her and I catch up to her and grab her, picking her up making her squeal with laughter.

We both fall to the ground laughing and I just lay there in the soft grass. After a moment I sit back up.

She sighs and gets up, picks a flower and sits down on my lap with the flower still in her hand.

I rest my chin on her shoulder as I watch her examen the flower in her small hands.

"What kind of flower is this?" She asks randomly and in taken back by her talking so suddenly. Her voice is smooth and sweet, it kinda remind me of a warm Summer breeze on a nice day.

"Oh. It's a daisy if I'm correct." I say and plays with a peddle.

"What's your name?" I ask the question that's been bugging me.

She turns to face me and smiles big but then it flatters a little.

"It's sad you forgot about me." She says, giving me a small, sad smile. Who is she? I've never seen her in my life.

"Well maybe I'll remember if you tell me your name?" I say and she sadly shakes her head at me with a disappointed look.

"You know my name. You know everything about me." She says. She leans down and gives me a kiss on the cheek and I explode into nothingness.

I roll over and burry my face into my pillow before I blink and slowly open my eyes.

What the-? Oh right. My aunt, touring, the boys. Barbie.

I groan and rub my eyes with my hand. I try to sit up only to be pulled back and smashed against a chest and my eyes go wide.

Who the fuck- Barbie......

I groan and roll my eyes before turning over and looking at him.

His eyes are closed so I can't see the electric blue that they are, his mouth is slightly open and his hair is all over the place because of bed head.

He looks so sweet when he's sleeping. To bad he can't stay that way. Before I can proses what I'm doing, I push a piece of his blonde hair out of his face and his eyes flutter open and they meet mine.

Just as he's about to say something, he gets interrupted.

"Yo Lucas. It's late get up. And have you seen Rene anywhere? I can't seem to- oh. Well then. Was I interrupting?" One of the boys says. I think it's Calum..... Such a weird name.

I glare at him then I realize what he's going on about.

Luke and me are intwined under the blanket and his arms are around me still, holding me in place and he's shirtless. Plus, I was just pushing his hair out of his face and anyone could take it the wrong way.

"No. Trust me." I say falling back on the bed, ignoring the way Luke moves closer to me and his grip tightens.

He's getting a little to touchy feely for my liking.

"Yeah whatever. Do you have something else to add on Lucas?" Calum asks Barbie in a teasing tone which makes him shoot Calum with dagger.

"No. I'm good." He says but it sound forced. He has no emotion on his face as he stares at his band mate.

They keep staring at each other like there having a conversation in there heads.

After a minute of them staring at one another I get sick of it.

"Okay if you two idiots are done having eyes sex now, that would be great." I say sarcastically and they blink a couple times as like there both coming out of a trance or some shit.

"Why would I have eye sex with him when we can just have real sex with him?" Calum asks and I'm kinda taken back. Wasn't expecting that.... At all...

I look at Luke and he smiles and nods his head. No comment.

"Like right now for example..... C'mon Lukey. You can help me with it." Calum says winking at Luke who giggles and climbs over me.

My eye brows are raised and I'm looking at them like there on crack.

He sits on me as he climbs over and I groan in pain as he sits on my stomach. I attempt to push him off so he falls on the floor but as I do, he grabs me and we both fall to the ground, him on top.

I freeze then I glare up at the blonde boy who gives me a cheeky grin.

I hear foot steps run our way and I look past Luke to see Ashton and Michael looking at us with smirks and amused expressions.

"I always some how knew that you topped Luke." Michael says shaking his head slightly as Ashton and Calum snicker as Luke goes beat red.

Hello! Girl under here who wants out so she can beat all four boys to a fucking pulp!

Luke gets up and pulls me up also, but that doesn't last long as the blanket that were standing on gets pulled out from under us making us fall. Again.

But me on him this time. He groans as we hear all the boys laugh and high five each other.

He looks at me and I meet his gaze then I blink and look away.

I sit up, while still sitting on him and he groans again.

I give him a confused look while the others just laugh.

I'm confus- oh. I think I might have an idea on why he's groaning and I don't think it's from pain.....

I look at the boys and smirk, motioning to Luke and they all look puzzled but then all smirk at each other and nod there heads at me once they get what I'm saying.

I lean down close to Luke's face and I can see him gulp.

"What's wrong Luke?" I ask all innocent like and the other boys try to hold in there laughs.

"N-nothing. Nothing at all." He stampers and I move a little and he bites his lip making me bite my own to keep from laughing.

God, typical boys.

"Are you sure.... You look a little...... Tight." I say at last and the boys all double over laughing, clinging on to each other so they don't fall.

His face goes red and I giggle at him.

I lean right to his ear and whisper, "Do you want some help with it?"

His eyes go wide as he looks at me and I give him a sweet smile. His hands grip my hips tightly, so tight I can feel his fingers jabbing into my sides.

He frankly nods his head at me while his breathing increases fast and I laugh.

"Sorry Luke. Maybe take up Calum's offer from earlier. You could help him and in return, he could also help you. It's a win win deal." I say as I slowly, slide off him and he groans again.

I walk past the laughing boys and into the living space.

Maybe this'll be more fun then I thought.....

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