"Why do you always do that?" He asks, his voice raising a little while throwing his hands up.

"Do what?" I snap back.

"Push everyone away?" He says softer this time.

"Because it's easier for when they leave me." I say barley above a whisper.


3. Finger Tips




I follow Lou onto the bus and once I'm in, I see Ashton and Calum playing some kind of video game. I don't actually mind video games.

I take my stuff and walk back to where the bunks are suppose to be. I know what the inside of a tour bus looks like.

Just as I about to put my bag on a bunk, a thick voice stops me. "That bunks already taken."

I turn around to come face to face with the blonde one. Not Ashton but the other one. Luke? Is that his name?

I sigh and point to another bunk and he shakes his head. I silently groan and point to another one. He shakes his head again. I glare at him.

He walks out and into the room where the other two boys are.

Fuck it. I throw my bag onto a random bunk and unzip it taking out my cords and stuff I'll need for tonight.

I put my headphones in and Lost In Stereo by All Time Low comes on and I smile to myself.

I put my bag somewhere random out of the way and sit on the bunk. It's mine now bitches.

I close my eyes and let the music sooth me to sleep and maybe I'll wake up and this I'll all just be a damn nightmare.


"Um, Rene...... Rene?" Someone pokes me and I frown at them even though my eyes aren't open.

"Rene. Seriously get up." A voice says and my eyes shoot open to meet electric blue eyes.

I glare at him and he gulps while backing away. Damn he was like, almost laying on me the idiot.

Personal bubble dumb ass!

"What the fuck do you want?" I say so calm that he actually looks frightened for a moment but then it's gone and replaced with amusement. Fuck.

"Oh look, she does talk." He says sending me a sarcastic smile and I narrow my eyes at him. I sit up and pause my music.

"What do you want Barbie?" I ask again and he flinches when I call him Barbie.

"Your kinda in my bunk. Out of all bunks. Why mine?" He asks and I mentally hit him in the head with a metal baseball bat over and over and over.

"Sorry. I was tired of playing games with you so I just, hoped into a bunk." I say and he crosses his arms over his chest.

"Well I'm tired. And your in my bed." He says. I look at the time and see it's 11:34 pm. Well then.

"Get a new bunk." I say while laying back down and putting to earbuds in my ears again.

He takes them out and shoot up glaring at him. "What the fuck?"

"You get a new bunk Rene. This ones been mine ever sense we came on tour the first time." He says, his eyes never leaving mine.

"Well boohoo. I'm in this one." I say.

"If your not going to move, I'll just join you." He says smirking and I dangerously glare at him, daring him to make a move.

I'm sure as hell not giving up the bunk just because Barbie claims it.

He walks over to me even closer and climbs into the bunk with me. I can feel his body heat and I feel like I'm sleeping next to a damn heater. It's not bad at times but, hey it is if it's coming off of Barbie boy.

I move back so I'm up against the wall and he turns so he's now facing me. I meet his eyes and mentally take a picture because they look like there glowing.

He brings his hand up and brushes a piece of my hair off of my cheek and puts it behind my ear. I give him a confused look but he ignores me as he lightly grazes my cheek with his finger tips.

What the fuck is he doing?

He lets his fingers trail from my cheek and he lightly grazes them over my lips. I blink and bite my lip, something I've been doing sense I was 13, and he slowly pulls his hand away and I move and turn away from him so my back is facing him.

I close my eyes and try to let sleep take over again but I'm not having success.

After a couple minutes have passed, I feel my self falling into a deep slumber for the second time today, and that's not the only thing I felt.

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