"Why do you always do that?" He asks, his voice raising a little while throwing his hands up.

"Do what?" I snap back.

"Push everyone away?" He says softer this time.

"Because it's easier for when they leave me." I say barley above a whisper.


7. Cheese Sticks

Okay hi.

It's been a while for this story.

And I apologize for that.

Today we had Challenge Day..... I didn't want to go at first but I'm really glad I did.

I cried so much there but it made me realize that I'm not alone and other people have problems like me.

So if anyone ever needs to talk or to just rant, I'm here to listen.

Some people don't need advice, they just need someone who will listen to them.

And I want to be there for you guys.

I love you guys so much and I don't personally know you guys but it feels like I do in a way.

But on a better more happy note!


Okay so enjoy this chapter I tried to make it longer and I've got the idea for the next chapter ready to go.

Love you guys!!

~ Abbigail:)


I lay there with my headphones in while Kids In The Dark by All Time Low plays nice and loud in my ears. Blocking out all the other sounds around me.

I've gotten my own bunk now thank god.

The bus hits a bump and I jump hitting my head making a thud sound throughout the bus.

My hand goes up to my head and rubs it. "Ow." I whisper, wincing slightly.

My curtain gets ripped open and I come face to face with Luke.

Great, just who I wanted to see.

I really hope you got my sarcasm.

"You okay?" He asks slightly chuckling but shuts up as I shoot him a glare.

"Yeah. Fine." I say then glance at my phone sighing at the time. I've been asleep for two hours. "What are you doing up?" I ask Luke who scratches the back of his neck.

"Uh nothing much. Just, you know. On my phone." He says and I mentally scoff. Bullshit.

He was probably watching porn or something like that.

"Yeah okay." I say rolling my eyes before pushing the blanket off my legs. I push Luke back a little and fall off the bed, Luke catching me as I fall.

My hands grabbed onto his arms while his are on my waist and the others on my shoulder. My eyes are big.

"Whoa okay. You okay?" He asks and I try to regain my breathing back to the normal rate.

I blink a few times and slowly nod my head. "Y-yeah. I think I'm good."

He looks down at me with furrowed eyebrows and I sigh running one hand through my tangled hair with shaky fingers.

"Your head okay?" He asks quietly. I think the others are asleep. Like most normal people would be at this time.

My hand goes up to my head and I wince as I lightly touch it.

"Shit." I curse and he chuckles softly.

He grabs my hand and pulls me into the kitchen part of the bus. "C'mon. Let's go check it out."

I have no choice but to follow him. Either way I would have ended up in the kitchen to get something for my head anyway.

He pulls me into the kitchen and I'm about to go to the fridge to get something for my head but I'm pulled back away from it.

"Oh no. I don't think so." He says turning me around to face him and I narrow my eyes but they go wide as Luke pushes me against the counter with his hands on my waist.

My hands go to his shoulders automatically. "Uh what do you think your doing?" I ask and he just chuckles.

"Chill out Rene." He says then he picks me up and places me on the counter as I make a surprised sound. He laughs and I punch his shoulder making him wince but he still laughs.

"Your an ass." I snap crossing my arms over my chest.

"Yeah but I'm an ass who's helping you." He says like its suppose to make a difference.

It doesn't.

I roll my eyes. "Right. Just get something for it cause you won't let me get it myself." I say.

He bites his lip and walks over to the fridge and grabs out a bag of cheese sticks making me raise an eyebrow. "This is kinda all we got...." He tells me and I chuckle.

He walks over to me and then groans in pain as he bumps into a chair in the dimly lit kitchen and my hand flys up to my mouth to keep from bursting out laughing and waking the other morons up.

"Shit. That hurt." He says walking over to me slower this time and a giggle slips past my fingers them before I know it I'm laughing so hard.

He narrows his eyes at me. "Stop laughing you weirdo." And that just makes me laugh harder.

"Your an idiot." I get out before going back into a giggling mess and he stands there with a slightly amused looks in his face.

He steps closer to me and I try to stop my giggles but it's hard to when he's such a clutz and I should have known something like this was gonna happen.

My hands go to his cheeks and I shake his head side to side. "You my friend are so clumsy. Like how are you still alive?" I ask still laughing slightly.

He just stands there smiling at me as he searches my face for something.

"Your not like other girls...." He whispers while placing his hands on my smaller ones.

I roll my eyes at him. "Well yeah. Life's not meant for people to be copy's but to be an original." I tell him.

"You got that off of something didn't you?" He says and I grin.

"Oh yes." I say and we both laugh quietly.

"Don't freak out okay. But I'm gonna do something." He says softly and I nod my head.

"Sure. But if you hurt me anymore then I already am I will cut your dick off in your sleep." I warn and he chuckles but I can tell he takes it seriously.

Good he should.

Hey that rhymed. Okay enough of the random rhyming.

I snap out of my weed mind when I feel something cold against my head and I sigh in relief.

"That good?" He whispers.

I slowly nod my head and he smiles holding it in place while I lean my head back into his hand.

His other hand brushes a piece of my hair out of my face making me blink up at him.

He has bright blue eyes holy shit.

He gently brushes the pad of his thumb on my cheek bone and my eyes flutter shut.

I feel really peaceful right now. It's been a long time sense I've felt like this.

You know, relaxed.

My life before this was always moving and going, no time to relax or just take a breather.

It's always go, go, go. Don't stop, just keep going.

Never stoping.

I always was on guard with my mom. Always ready to go when the times right.

My eyes shoot open when I feel a pair of lips on mine and I freeze for a second ready to bolt out the door or anywhere but here right now, but I then remember where I actually am and who I'm with.

I close my eyes again and lightly kiss him back, testing the waters.

He drops the Cheese Sticks on the ground and he moves closer to me, my legs wrapping around his waist to hold him in place as he kisses me harder and I do the same thing.

My hands go to his face, keeping my hands on his cheeks while his fingers dig into my sides.

My hearing picks up and I hear foot steps coming our way and I push Luke back and he gives me a confused look but he soon realizes what I was doing as Calum walks in the kitchen giving us a weird look.

I lick my lips looking at the ground trying to hide my red lips.

I hear him gasp and I freeze.

Oh shit.

It seems like Luke has the same idea as me. "Calum uh I can explain-"

Calum cuts him off rushing over to the forgotten bag of cheese sticks on the ground.

"My cheese sticks! How could you?! My poor baby's." He picks them up and holds them close to him as he cradles it as Luke and me share a glance. "Guys! Why did you have my cheese sticks out?"

"I hit my head and I needed ice for it but all Luke could find were your cheese sticks." I explain to the best I could.

"Right." He then looks at Luke. "You monster. They were gonna go bad. You almost killed them. How dare you." He says before kissing the bag and placing it back in the freezer.

He glares at Luke before going back to the bunk area.

Not exactly sure why Calum was up in the first place....

Once I know he's back in bed, I jump off the counter and Luke's attention goes back to me.

"Well. Uh I'm off to bed." I say awkwardly. "So I'll see you in the morning. And thanks for the cheese sticks for my head...." I say and wow can it get anymore awkward?

I stand corrected. I then remember who I'm talking to and yeah. It can.

"Right. I'll see you in the morning. Because we're on the same bus. And same bunk area. Not that we share a bunk because we don't. Not that I wouldn't mind sharing one with you, sharing is caring you know?" He blabs on and I'm trying not to laugh again.

"Luke," I stop him from saying something that'll be even more awkward and weird. "Do you wanna share a bunk with me tonight?"

His eyes light up like a kid on Christmas. "Yes!-- I uh mean. You sure?" He says and I chuckle lightly motioning for him to follow me.

He reminds me of a puppy as he follows me.

I climb on and Luke gives me a hesitant look. "You sure?" He asks and I roll my eyes.

"Dude. Get in or I'm just gonna change my mind and tell you off like normally." I say and he climbs in, not missing a beat.

He pulls me close to him and I lay my head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat at a fast pace as he pulls the blanket over us.

I kiss his chest and his heart rate picks up even more and his breathing comes a little faster and I smile cuddling up to him while his arm is around me.

"Goodnight Luke." I whisper.

I feel him lightly peck the top of my head. "Goodnight Rene."

And I drift off to sleep with a small smile on my face.

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