"Why do you always do that?" He asks, his voice raising a little while throwing his hands up.

"Do what?" I snap back.

"Push everyone away?" He says softer this time.

"Because it's easier for when they leave me." I say barley above a whisper.


6. Between His Legs.

"I'm so bored!" Calum complains as he groans. Ashton has a bored ass look on his face with his chin in his hand staring blankly at the tv and nods agreeing with Calum.

Right now Calum's upside down on the couch beside Ashton, who I already said what he's doing. Michael's still sitting beside me flicking through the channels trying to find something that pokes interest in any of us and Luke's in between Ashton's legs asleep on the floor.

I've got my head resting on Michael's shoulder because I'm about to pass out of boredom.

I shift around so my whole body's facing Michael and he smiles at me and pats my head like I did to him earlier. I fake glare at him and yawn, which catches all the boys attention, well besides Luke's of coarse.

"Awe, is our little Rene sleepy?" Ashton says in a baby voice and I flip him off and he just giggles.

Idiots I tell you.

"What time is it anyway?" Calum asks from his upside down position. I turn my head do I'm kinda the same and he grins at me.

"It's......... 1:23am....... Well. I didn't think it was that late, er, early." Ashton say looking at his phone.

"Why are we still up?" I ask throwing my hands up.

"Well, ask Luke." Ashton's says giggling and Calum burst out laughing and I roll my eyes.

"I swear your a fucking girl." I say to Ash who acts mock offended. He gasps and puts a hand over his heart.

"That's hurts Rene. It hurts. Right where it counts." He says sniffling and burying his face in Calum's leg who looks up at him like 'what the fuck dude?'.

"What the-? Ashton, why are you fake crying into my leg?" He asks and Ashton sighs and pulls away glancing down at the Kiwi.

"You just have to ruin everything don't you Mr. INeedToGetLaid." Ashton says and I slap a hand over my mouth to stop my self from dying of laughter. Clearly the other two boys had other plans as they just fall over laughing while Calum's as red as a tomatoe.

"What the fuck. I do not need to get laid." He says crossing his arms over his chest still upside down.

"Oh really?" Michael says.


"Okay Calum. When was the last time you got any action?" Michael says smirking and Calum glares at him and sits up, slumping in his seat. "My point exactly."

"Fuck you Michael. When was the last time you got any?" Cal fires back and his smirk is gone and on Calum's face instead.

Oh hell.

"Not answering."

"And whys that Mikey?"

"Beside I wouldn't want to make you jealous." Michael says and Ashton and me both howl with laughter as the two other boys glare.

Fuck maybe I will like touring with them.....

"Oh god..... I have tears in my eyes....." Ashton says wiping his eyes and I just laugh even harder at the face he makes while doing it.

"Well, when's the last time you got laid Ash?" Calum asks and all our eyes turn to Ashton who blushes.

"That's my information for me and me only thank you very much Mr. Hood." He says back with his head held high and a smile on his face.

"Well, what about Luke?" Michael asks as we all look at the sleeping blond.

"He's only 17, I don't think he's had very much..... If any actually...... Oh no I know one time he.... Oh nope. Never mind, thinking of something else. Ignore me while I sort my weird thoughts......" Ashton says scrunching up his face thinking and I laugh while shaking my head.

"What about you Rene?" Calum asks looking at me and I raise my eyebrows.

"Not gonna answer you Calum. I'm a girl. I have my own things to keep hidden and that my Kiwi friend is one of them." I say smirking as he pouts.

"Guys, we should go to bed." Ashton's says looking at his phone. "It's 1:54 already."

"Fuck. Well, that explains why I'm so tired." I say yawning. I stand up and stretch my arms over my head, ignoring the looks the boys are giving me and walk over to my bag, grab out my jp's and go to the washroom to change. Once I'm done 'doing my thing' (according to Calum that's what I do) I walk out and slowly walk towards the bunks.

I grab my messy hair and fix my pony tale and I come to the beds but stopping when I see Michael tug off his pants.

"What are you doing?" I gasp at him and he jumps and puts his hand over his heart while giving me the crazy look. I get them a lot.

"I'm getting ready for bed......?" He says but it comes out more of a question.

"Well, that's weird. Put some damn clothes on." I motion to his lower half aka his boxers.

He looks down and then back up at me with a smirk. "What? This? Jeez if you hate just us in just our boxers, I'd be careful around Luke and Calum. But mostly Luke...." He says chuckling he walks over to his bunk.

"Why?" I ask walking over to my own bunk.

"Because they have a really bad habit of being naked. Well, it's mostly Luke but we all do it a lot." He says and I can feel my eyes all most fall out of there sockets.

"Fuck no. You keep your damn clothes on at all times while I'm here. Got it Clifford?" I sneer and he chuckles lowly.

"I'm not fucking kidding. I will chop your balls off in your sleep and feed them to you personally." I snap and he shuts up just as quick as he started.

Let's hope he spreads the message to the other boys also.

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