I love my bully...

Sexy SexySexy


1. Keshia

Hey my name is Keshia. I got to Milkrow High School. There this dude... Yeah I know what you're thinking she must like him but no I don't and never will because he always bullies me😔 im tired of it... His name is J'trell...I live in a big house with my brother and sister our parents died in a car a few years ago when I was 9... I don't really remember what happened all I know is that I always cried for them... But I'm okay now... I'm kinda popular at school. I have a boyfriend but he hangs with my bully... My bae name is Marley... I also have 3 best friends Layla Ma'Kaiyah and Nunu... Yes we all black and thugs😂😂....That's all you need to know bout me...😂😻💸💯

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