Suicidal but still dreaming (louis)

Christina is a young troubled teenager trying to find a reason to stay alive... Bullies get worse all the time... But will she find somebody to be there and save her from suicide



Christina's pov

I fucking hate going to school I hate everybody there someday I swear I will start a scene and show every fucking soul in there that I'm a person with actual feelings! Today was shitty like

always...why wouldn't it be? I hate those stupid girls at my school they are what I call a 3B a baked blonde bitch because you know what I'm considered pale and a fat ass slut as my reputation but I don't give a motherfucking damn! I honestly have been letting this bullying shit get to me.... I can't take it anymore! This bitch on the bus said "so fatty how many guys have you slept with?!" Like what the hell haven't they heard I'm a fricking 13 year old like what the hell?! Anyways I have a best friend my only one... The Louis Tomlinson he tells me everything and In return I tell him everything..... Today I think I shall commit suicide.... Harry styles also physically abuses me.... I have some stupid cuts here and there and some scars I actually broke a fricking rib because of jerk face styles... Anyways I will commit suicide... This shall be the end, like anybody would care.....

3 hours later...

I went and got my mothers wedding dress she wanted me to be married in it... Like I would ever get married... If I did I would want it to be Louis... I have a secret crush on my best friend whoops!

Bobs pov.

Ha! Little did Christina know that Louis was coming with his stupid ass friends aka Christina's bullied

A/N BOB is a made up character like a narrator so sorry to interrupt

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